7 Signs You Are Using A Good Dating Website

When looking for a good dating website to join, your usually bombarded with hundreds of different ones all Good Dating Websiteclaiming to be the best around. How can you tell though if they truly are legitimate or not?

Believe it or not, when you start comparing some of the top rated dating sites you’ll see that they a lot more in common compared to smaller more skeptical ones.

So I am going to outline 7 key features you can look out for, to determine if a site you’re about to join is even worth your time.

1. The Members Photos

One of the first tale tale signs that you have joined a good dating website is by looking at the photos of the members they have..

Most reputable sites will have people that post causal pictures, as if they were taken by a friend or family member. Other sites will have girls who look like they came straight out of a magazine, where someone came along and pasted that picture as their own.

2. They Take Security Serious

A second easy way to tell if a site is worth joining, is by determining how they feel about security.

Most sites that are appropriate to join will warn you beforehand about the potential threat of scammers who may show up from time to time — and also explain how you should deal with them.

Also almost everyone will have some sort of “secured by” on their home page — showing proof that they are protected and want their members to feel safe if they join their website.


3. Prices Are Fair

After you’ve signed up to a website, one of your next moves is probably going to see what it cost to upgrade to premium.

Now while i know all of you would love FREE dating websites — truth is most of them that truly are free, aren’t worth joining in the first place.

Why? Well as I said a second ago, how are they going to afford appropriate security — and also what kind of tools and software are they giving their members when they aren’t making any money?

Therefore, when you are considering in buying a membership to a website you’ve joined, make sure that their prices are somewhat reasonable. I personally would say 10-25 dollars a month is perfectly fine, depending on what kind of packing you are purchasing.

4. Have Reliable Customer Service

Most sites will have a place at the top or bottom of their page, allowing you to contact their customer service.

Customer Service

A good sign if you ever do have to message them, is they give you several options in how you can go about doing it. Most will either let you call or email them — but there are also some that will give you their physical address so that you can send them a letter if you want too.

5. Have Lots of Positive Reviews

Another easy way to go about deciding if a site is good or not is to simply to a google search and see what kinds of reviews it has.

While yes every site is going to get both positive and negative reviews — what you should look for is sties that get way more positive than negative. So in my opinion I would look at several different peoples opinions, just to get a good idea of what most of them think about it.

6. Provide You With Success Stories

This is kinda similar to looking at reviews but from what I’ve seen, if a site is successful and trustworthy then they are going to have lots of people satisfied from joining their site.

Therefore, sites love to show off testimonials of people thanking them for joining a community where they were able to find the love of their life, or just a nice person to date.

You’ll usually be able to find this at the bottom of their site, or sometimes on the sidebar as you enter their homepage.

7. The Number Of Members They Have

Last but not least, and of the main things I like to look out for is how many members a site has.

For me, I’ve found if a site doesn’t have anywhere from 500k to 1 mill users at least — then it is not really a site worth joining.


This Site Has Over 3.5 Millions Members!

You have to think, when you join a site you ideally want to be able to narrow down the type of person you want to date usually by age, sex, and the type of lifestyle they live. If you don’t have a lot of people to filter through, then your results aren’t going to be what you were expecting.

My Final Thoughts

Dating websites are an excellent way to meet new people — you just have to be careful and do some research before you decide which one you want to join.

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Following the tips I’ve just laid out for you, you’ll have to problem determining the good ones from the bad.

Have you ever joined a dating site before? If so what was your experience like? Leave a comment below letting me know what you thought about it, and if they had anything that really made you like them.

Also as always, if you have any questions or want to me review a website and let you know if I think it’s legitimate or not — leave a comment and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

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