8 Days In The Philippines And Why You Should Visit

As I was browsing around the internet the other day, I stumbled across this really cool video of a man who recently visited the 8 Days In The PhilippinesPhilippines.

He spent 8 days in the Philippines, and talks about why he LOVES it there! In the video he explains each day in 1 minute intervals  — making his whole video exactly 8 minutes long.

So without any further delay, sit back grab a snack or cold soda and have fun learning about the wonders of the Philippines!


I don’t know about you, but after watching this video about 3 or 4 times it makes me want to go and buy a plane ticket right now.

If for whatever reason you didn’t watch the entire video — here is a quick recap of the 8 reason he enjoyed going to the Philippines.

1. I’ts More Fun In The Philippines

The country’s tagline is ” Its More Fun In The Philippines.” He explains whatever your doing or whenever you are — you’re always going to have a fun time!

Also everyone there will greet you with a very heartwarming “welcome to the Philippines” along with a big smile on their face…. even the cops!

2. The People

You won’t find a country with much nicer people than you will here. This guy went around his whole second day completely broke, to see if people would help him.

And boy let me tell you they really pulled through in helping him, even though he was a complete stranger.

Some gave him food, other people free water, and after spending a few minutes asking for help — this one guy offered him his own house to stay at and even offered his own bed while he slept on the floor!

Talk about generosity 🙂

3. The Prices

One of reasons he thought it was so much fun in the Philippines was everything was so CHEAP! Therefore, you are able to afford to try many different things while your there, without spending to much.

Prices Are Cheap

Some of the main things he named was…

  • Island tours: 20 dollars
  • hair cut: 1 dollar
  • Drinking: 1 bottle of rum = $1.10. In perspective you can buy 30 of these bottles for 2 cock tails in new your city!

4. The Islands

The islands in the Philippines simply put are breathtaking!

They are such an amazing view to look at walking along the beaches — or scuba diving under there oceans. But to be honest, the water is so clear that you can look almost to the bottom of the ocean in some parts over there!

5. The Mountain

In the middle part of the Philippines is a huge volcano called Mayon.

This thing is so massive, that you usually can’t see the top of it since it’s hiding way up in the clouds. But even though she looks beautiful and shy — be careful as it will erupt about every 3-5 years!

6. The Poverty

It’s easy get caught up in the beauty and wonder Philippines has to offer — but you also have remember your in a third world country.

In fact, there’s a place called “Trash Mountain” — where people have dumped so must waste and garbage that it eventually turned into a huge hill!

People that live on it or near by say that it is so bad, even the air is unpleasant to smell.People have piled so much trash for so long there — plants are even starting to grow on this mountain like hill!

He goes on to say that the countries new slogan should be “It’s more fun in 75% of the Philippines”  — since about 25% of the population live under the poverty line!

7. Hope

Again he says it is very cheap there. You can buy a burger with meat inside for only $0.20!.

Where there is a mountain made of trash — you can instead make a mountain of food and buy 1000 people burgers without going broke.

Helping People

Cheap prices means you can have lots of fun there — but remember it also means you can help a lot of people that may be less fortunate than you are.

8. He’ll Be Back

On his 8th and final day he said he was sad to go — but wanted to relist the many reasons he loved it there and why he can’t wait to go back!

  1. The country made up of over 7000 islands — which means there is LOTS to do there
  2. Prices are cheap meaning you can get a whole village drunk or fed without breaking the bank
  3. The people!
    They are super generous — as we saw in the video they provided a complete stranger with food water and shelter. They also love to party like crazy, and they WILL be your friend if you let them!
  4. Last but not least there is more LOVE in the Philippines!

In Conclusion

Be it you stay there 8 days or just a few nights — I think you’ll see that this is one place that you will want to come back to time and time again.

This along with the lovely women they have over there to date and marry, makes going there almost a no brainier!

Have you ever been to the Philippines before, and if so what did you think about it? If you haven’t been, do you want to go?

Leave a comment below letting me know what you thought about this video — and what you think about the Philippines in general.

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