Are filipino women loyal? Here are 6 indicators to help you find out

Are filipino women loyal

When you’re in a relationship or thinking about getting into one, one of the questions that you’ll eventually ask is, are filipino women loyal?

The truth is, most of them are but there will always be those few that aren’t.

If you make a conscious effort to treat the woman you’re with like “a lady” chances are she probably won’t go looking for someone else when she feels you’re everything she needs.

Say though, you are treating her like a princess, but still get an uneasy feeling of whether or not she is still being loyal to you.

There are subtle signs every women shows, including filipinas, when they view you as their one and only man. Let me help you by giving several ways that can help you determine if she really likes you and wants to continue being with you.

Her interest level

One of the easiest way to determine if a girl is being loyal to you, is if she shows a lot of interest about your life.

A woman that likes you, is going to want to know everything that is going on with you. She’s going to want to know what are your likes and dislikes, what your family is like, what kind of hobbies you have, and so on and so forth.

If at any point in your relationship you feel she’s starting to not be interested in what you have to say — this could be the first tale tale sign she may be looking for another guy.

Wants to meet friends and family


Women that ask to meet the people you are associated with, are not going to have another guy in mind, because they have already decided they want spend more time with you.

By them asking to meet your parents and siblings, they like to get a sense of where you come from and get on good terms with your parents. This way they can say it’s official know that your whole family knows the both of you are dating.

This goes vice versa as well too …

A girl that wants you to meet her family usually has nothing to hide, but if she becomes hesitant every time you ask to meet them then you might want to think twice about staying with her.

This same line of thinking is also true with your friends. A girl that really likes you is going to want to be with you, when the two of you are alone, and also when your with  your friends.

Unloyal women usually try not to associate themselves with anyone you know, in fear that one of them may know may know the other guy she is with or maybe even of seen her hanging out with someone else when you weren’t around.

Shows affection in public


When a woman is happy to be in a relationship, she’s not only going to show you affection when you two are cuddling on the couch — but also show it everywhere you two go together.

This is a way of her letting everyone know that you are taken, and that she is the only girl for you..

For me personally, I can’t even even go into a grocery store to buy some milk without my wife wrapping herself all around my arms and giving me sweet kisses on the cheek.

The small gestures like these really can make you feel loved. If a woman says she is shy in public or doesn’t hold your hand much when you two are out — chances are she’s probably doing this with some other guy.

Sex is not the same

Now I know for some of you, you’re not going to have sex until after you’re married. I actually dated my wife for 4 years until we both had sex.

However if you do happen to be at this stage in your relationship, it’s another great way to determine if she is still being loyal to you.

Having sex a very intimate experience, which also makes it very hard to fake if either one of you are enjoying it or not. It has been proven that not having sex with your partner is one of the major causes of divorce… right behind money and communication.

But getting back onto track…

Let’s say for example when your having sex with your partner and she usually likes to kiss you along your neck, or whisper sweet words into your ear. If you start to notice she is doing this less and less often she might not be as interested as she once was in you.

Another great excuse girls will like to say is that they are either tired from a long days of work, or that they have a headache and are not in the mood.

While this may be the case sometimes, it shouldn’t be something you hear about 4 out of the 7 days of the week.

Trying to hint that you want to have sex with her, by drawing her a warm bath, or having a romantic dinner once a week, is a great way to keep your relationship healthy (if you are at this stage.) And if she is loyal, more often than not she won’t be able to say no to you.

Still thinks about you when she’s mad


Say you and your girlfriend get into a heated argument right before you have to leave for work. Before you are able to apologize and make things better, you head out the door with both of you still mad.

A truly loyal women will still do chores around the house and cook a meal that’s waiting for you when you get home — even though she is still angry.

I have gotten into several fights with my wife, but I know at the end of the day even if we have not made up she will still be thinking of some way to help me. Things like buying me new clothes while she is shopping, or getting me a takeout from my favorite restaurant are just a few of the things she will do.

It’s very easy for a woman when mad to storm off and not say a word to you for hours, but if she truly loves you — she’s going to try and make up with you in some way or fashion.

Proud of you 

Women that are loyal usually are beaming with happiness about you. They can’t wait to tell their friends and family of all the amazing things you are able to do, and how lucky she is to have you.

She doesn’t do this to brag and boast about your relationship, she just can’t contain her feelings inside and has to let everyone know.

In the past I use to play baseball in high school. Even though my wife has never seen me play, she will still tell people how amazing I was, as if she was sitting at every game I had played in person!

Just make sure that you her a reason to be happy and proud of you. She knows there are probably many things you can’t do — but instead she chooses to focus on what you are good at instead.

Final Words

To ensure your women is loyal, also means you have to have a healthy relationship. This requires both of you to make an effort to put the other one before yourself on a daily basis.

A women knows that she can probably be with any guy she wants, but finding a loyal one who is going to stick with you no matter what is the type of girl you should want to have in your life.

Signs like holding your hand in the park, wanting meet your parents, or giving you surprise presents are just a few of the ways you can determine if she truly enjoys being with you.

Do you currently have a girlfriend or wife? If so does she show any of the signs I previously mentioned as a loyal partner — or perhaps she does other things to let you know she is.

Leave a comment below letting me and anyone else reading this post know how to spot a loyal partner.

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