Best Time To Visit The Philippines – Learn When To Plan Your Trip There

If you plan on visiting the Philippines anytime soon, then the first question that’ll probably pop into your head is, what is the best time to visit the Philippines?

You might also be wondering what is their typical weather like, or how hot and cold it gets there?

Like you, when I was planning my trip to over there, I didn’t know the answer to any of these questions.

So I hope after you read my post, you will have a better idea for when’s the best time to visit the Philippines, and learn when you should avoid going altogether.

Let me first give you a general overview of what the environment is like in the Philippines.

Best Time To Visit The Philippines

What’s Philippines Weather Like?

Overall, at any point during the year you can expect the Philippines to be humid and hot.

There avergage temperature is around 30°C (85°F). On cooler days of the year you can expect the temperature to reach around 77°F, and on the hotter months get close to around 95°F.

Now if you didn’t already know, Philippines divides its seasons into two main categories…

The dry season, and the wet season.

Depending which season it is, can vastly affect what you can and can not do while you’re there. So when you plan your trip, make sure you pay close attention to what month you booked.

Let me first talk about their dry season, which I think most people usually enjoy the most.

The Dry Season

This a period of time when the Philippines rarely gets any rainfall ( hence why its called the dry season ).

This will typically start around November, and last all the way through April.

The last two months, March and April, are usually the hottest with temperatures around 100°F. December through February are usually cooler, and usually the most pleasant times to go as well.

I went around December when I visited, and I have to agree that the weather felt perfect while I was there!

Along with the dry season, comes hot sunny days. So if you plan on visiting some of the breathtaking beaches and catch a few rays in the process, this is the best time for you to go.

Dry Season

Just be mindful, that this is also the time it will be most crowded — because Philippine kids are out of school, and many tourist will come for vacation.

Now that you know a little bit about their dry season, let me explain what their wet season is like.

The Wet Season

As you can probably guess, this is called the wet season because this is the time of year when Philippines gets most of its rainfall.

This usually starts in May, and will last all the way through October.

Wet Season

Even though the Philippines doesn’t typically see sun during this time, the weather is usually humid and sticky — making it still feel very hot outside at times.

While yes this makes going to the beaches not as enjoyable during this time of the year — this doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad time to go all together.

If you want to save some money, and still try to go to a beach, the months of May and November are the best ones to aim for — because most people are leaving and going back to school.

If you don’t care about going to a beach though, this is also an excellent time for you to visit just to explore their country.

Around this time, there are usually a lot less crowds — and the prices for things like hotels, tourist adventures, and plane tickets are much cheaper. Therefore this lets you save lots of money, and spend it more on things that you really want to do.

But before you get all excited and book for vacation during this time, I need to warn you about one major thing the wet season brings along with it…

Which is Philippine’s typhoons ( or how we like to call them in America “Hurricanes” ).


Typhoons in the Philippine are very common — and the residents that live there experience many flooding due to them. On average, in a typical year the Philippines can get up to as many 20 typhoons!

For this very reason, most of their houses are built out of cement, that way the flooding waters won’t damage them.

Philippine Typhoons

The peak times for typhoons is July through September — but like anywhere in the world, weather can be unpredictable and a typhoon could appear at any time.

Just a couple weeks before I left in December ( which was around New Years ) the place I was going to visit just got hit by a huge typhoon. Luckily while I was there, it was sunshine and warm the whole time.

So be mindful, while yes if you decide to visit the Philippines during the wet season you will save money — you also run the risk of being caught in a typhoon too.

Just look at the weather ahead of time, that way you can get a good indication if it will be safe or not.

So When Is The Best Time To Go?

It really depends all on what you want to do.

Do you want to go during a time when there’s lots of sun, enjoy their beaches, and have warm weather? Then the months of November through April would probably best suit you.

Or maybe you want to save some money and see what else the Philippines has to offer? Then you would probably want to go between the months of May and October.

But as I said earlier weather can always be unpredictable — it can be raining during the dry season, and super hot and sunny during the wet. So in the end if you are still unsure, just go whenever the time best suits you.

So are you ready to plan your next trip to the Philippines? If so, what month do you plan on going? Leave me a comment below — as I would love to hear about your upcoming trip.

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