Best Valentine Gift For Girlfriend – What to Get Your Filipina

Valentines is almost here! The time of year when you get to spoil your loved one and make her feel extra special. Have you thought about what you want to get your filipina partner?

Maybe you’re wondering how to make your valentine gift for girlfriend extra special?

While many expensive and extravagant gifts would impress her — what filipinas truly love is a gift that shows you put some thought into it. Small sentimental things that make her feel special will make her much more happier then you going out and spending lots of money on something.

If you’re dating online however, then you got to try and become creative as to what you can do for her. Here are a few suggestions that I know she will love, and also won’t cost you much money either.

Valentine Gift For Girlfriend

Handwritten Letters

What is more personal than a letter written in your own hand writing right?

With letters you get to express yourself on much more personal level. You can write about how much you miss her, how much she means to you, or how you can’t wait to meet in person in the near future.

If you think you might be good with words — you might also want to try to write her a sweet poem. I personally don’t think I could do this, but I know if I did my wife would really love it!

Also to even add that extra something, you could spray the letter and envelope with your favorite cologne. Filipinas love good smelling things — and this is another way you could help her feel closer to you, until the day you two actually meet.

Physical or Online Scrapbook

Pictures, pictures , pictures! This is what every girl including Philippine women love to look at and take. You give them a new gift “picture”, you take them to a new place “picture”, you write them a sweet message “picture.”

So why not give her something you know she will already like?

If you make a scrapbook this is something she can always look back on and cherish. If you’re dating online though a physical scrapbook while still sweet would not be as effective unless she was on her way to see you that day.

Instead, there are hundreds free programs online that will let you create a digital scrapbook. The great thing about them is you have unlimited space, you can’t lose it, and she can see the pictures very easily.

Online Scrapbook

Now you may be wondering what should I put in a scrapbook?

Well obviously if you two have met then pictures of both you. If not, then you could put pictures of yourself, sweet messages you two have written to each other, or places that you plan on taking her in the near future.

These are just a few examples I thought of off the top of my head. I’m sure you if you took a few mins you’d have hundreds of ideas of what kind of pictures you could put in your scrapbook that she would adore.

Favorite Flowers

Last but not least the traditional flowers!

No matter what time of the year it is — you can always expect filipina women to enjoy getting a bunch of flowers sent to them by a loved one.

Now most guys will probably send their girls a dozen red roses since that’s the traditional thing to do during Valentines. As I said before, while yes she WILL love the red roses — if you try to go that extra mile for her, she will love you even more.

So instead, find her favorite kind of flower and send that instead. I know for my wife she LOVES tulips — so whenever a special occasion comes up like Valentines I always give her them over a dozen red roses.

You can also always pair these flowers with a sweet card or small box of chocolates as well, but if you do nothing but send her a bunch of her favorite flowers then you can expect one happy girl.

Traditional Gifts Are Good Too

As I mentioned earlier, while girls WILL feel extra special if you give her something genuine that shows you put thought and consideration into it — she’s not going to hate you if you you decide to get a traditional valentine gift.

Traditional Gifts

A few examples could be:

  • Jewellery
  • Perfume
  • Big box of assorted chocolates
  • Stuff animal (My wife has a ton of these laying around our house)
  • Rice cooker ( If her rice cooker is old or broken)

These are all items you can get her even if you’re thousands of miles apart. Say though you two have just gotten together, and this is your first valentine’s together. You might be thinking what else can I do to show my love and appreciation for her?

Here are 3 things I’ve personally done for my wife that she absolutely loves!

  1. Breakfast In Bed – While I’m not the best cook in the world I can whip up some eggs, toast, and orange juice then serve it to her in bed. My wife is not a early morning person, so I think she appreciated it even more that she could rest in bed a little while longer and still eat her breakfast!
  2. Nice Dinner and Somewhere Fun Afterwards – The very first Valentine’s my wife and I were together, I took her out to a very nice seafood restaurant then later that day we went to an aquarium. She still talks about how much fun that was to this day and can’t wait to go back.
  3. Gift Card To Get Pampered – My wife like most girls love to look pretty and be spoiled. I’ve given my wife either a gift card or money to go do things like get her nails done, go to a spa, or get a facial treatment. She always comes back feeling beautiful, relaxed, and happy.

Remember To Make It Come From The Heart

Whatever you choose to give your filipina partner, be it a romantic love letter or her favorite perfume — don’t worry too much if she’s going to like it or not. As long as you take time to think about her and show her you care, she’s going to love you no matter what you give her.

Come From The Heart

To give you one last example of what I mean…

Our first year of marriage my wife tried to cook something on the stove and burnt it to a crisp. I asked her later that day did you put any kind of oil or pam on the pan? She looked at me puzzled and said what is pam?

Well this too happened to be around valentines — so along with my other gifts I gave her a big bottle of Pam and wrote, “ I look forward to some non burnt pancakes or whatever you choose to cook for me.”

Naturally she laughed so hard and thought it was the sweetest and funniest gift! Just goes to show you that even a can of Pam can be a great valentines gift 🙂

So what are plans this upcoming Valentine’s day? Have you already got it all figured out, or are you still thinking about what to get her?

Let me know in the comments below — I would love to hear your ideas.

4 Replies to “Best Valentine Gift For Girlfriend – What to Get Your Filipina”

  1. Michael, you are truly a romantic kind of guy. You are like a woman’s dream…REAL TALK! With that being said, your list of the best Valentine’s Day Gift speaks volumes of how to treat a woman like she is worth being treated. Giving is truly awesome, but the one thing that heavily matters is the thought being put into the occasion. I am a firm believer of smaller things matters most. It tells a lot about your true genuine masculine character and any woman would adore and embrace a man, who actually has a heart! I really like your article. Any man, who may be puzzled of what to buy or let alone what to do, will have a field day reading your post of how to be a sweetheart to his’ woman on a special day that is Valentine’s.

    1. Haha thanks Steven — I try my best to make my wife happy and so far I guess I’m doing an ok job 🙂

      It really does feel nice giving a gift and seeing the person’s face (especially a loved one) light up with happiness and excitement. And all it takes is just a little bit of thought and consideration to find a gift to do just that.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my article and hope it has helped you out as well. 🙂

  2. Hi Michael, you sure know how to make a woman happy! 🙂 And I hope that this article will help a lot of other men make their women happy!
    I guess it’s all about wanting to make your loved one feel special. Of course traditional gifts are ok (at least they are better than no gift at all), but a personalized one gives a special meaning to any occasion. Great tips on how to find the perfect gift idea!
    And I agree with your wife – tulips are the best! 🙂

    1. Hi Marina,

      It’s so true that with gifts and also life itself — usually it’s the small sweet things we remember and cherish the most.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my article — and I too hope this can help many other guys during the Valentine holidays:).

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