Christian Filipina Review – My Top Choice For Finding A Godly Relationship

Christian Filipina Review

Product: Christian Filipina Review
Owned By: Peter Christopher
My Rating: 9.3 / 10

The Overview

Christian Filipina is a dating site aimed to help you find a beautiful Filipina Christian. It’s made for people who are looking for a serious relationship — unlike other dating websites showing very sexy girls geared more toward just having a good time with you.

The interface is clean and simple to use. The people within the community are very friendly giving you a sense of comfort when you start searching for new people to meet. If you have questions or concerns, the fastest way to get help is to either send a ticket or give them a call.

The site is made up three different membership levels. While upgrading will give you many more features to use — the basic free membership will still allow you to view people’s profiles while also being able to send and receive messages from them.

Signing up


The signing up part is quite fast and easy to go through. You simply just have to answer a few questions then your done. What I found very pleasant was once you finished answering your questions, you then will get assigned a welcome team member based on your answers.

This person will ask you for your phone number, so later on they can contact you. They also will send you a welcome message to your inbox, once you are inside the website.

If for whatever reason you don’t feel like going through this step, you can always skip it — and they will just assign you a standard welcome team member.

The Dashboard


When I first entered this site, I was pleasantly surprised at how neat and organized the interface was. At the top of the page is your 6 main tabs you will be using (which I am about to get into),  — followed by your profile, an option to upgrade, and other main features you will normally use right below it.

Within the Dashboard you can add pictures of yourself, see the most recent activity, check your list, and see if you have any new messages or profile views.

To the right it will also give you suggestions of people you may want to meet. You simply click on any of the profiles then if you have finished registering your account, you can send them a message. Each message will have several pre written subjects for you to choose from.

If you do however decide to upgrade, you can also video chat with anyone. For me personally, I enjoyed getting sweet text from my wife when we were talking online — but when I got home and was able to video chat with her it always made it so much more enjoyable.

Being able to see her smile and hear her cute accent as she spoke to me, made me fall in love with her more each and every day!

Let me now explain more about what these tabs at the top of the site are, and how you can use them once you’re inside.

My List

My list, is basically what is sounds like — a list where you keep people that you want or don’t want to talk to.

If you see a profile you like you can save it here, and on the other hand if you see one you don’t or have someone annoying you, you can always ban them.

Along with saving profiles, you can also see other stats such as people you sent chat request to, the different profiles you visited, and winks you sent. This goes vice versa as well — letting you see all who sent you a chat request or gave a wink.



The Resource tab has a lot of different materials to help you in the online dating world. The two main features that you will probably use most often is the research and advice articles, and the romance consultants.

It also has an ebook and coaching program that are quite cheap if you choose to buy helping you even more find that perfect filipina to be with.

Also is has a testimonial page to give you inspiration, showing the thousands of people who have found a filipina relationship through this website.

What you get when you upgrade


They have 3 different membership plans for you to choose from on the upgrade page.

Gold package: 3 Month Membership

Platinum package: 1 Year Membership

Unlimited Package: Lifetime Membership

The biggest advantage as I mentioned earlier is once you upgrade to whatever package you choose, you can start having live video chats with the members here.

Besides that, the main difference between these 3 plans is you get to send more messages to people as well as get  more consulting advice by having a 1 on 1 call with their experts. You can even have a short phone call with the founder himself, Peter Christopher.

If you think you’re in this for the long run — then by either going Platinum or Unlimited will easily save you money down the road.

The Search Feature


I found the search feature on this website to be extremely useful.

They have the basic search function where you where you pick the age range you want, as well as finding profiles that only have pictures:

The advance feature however has many more options, such as…

  • Marital status
  • Type of religion (Baptist, Catholic, Methodist)
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Have children or not

This makes it very easy in my opinion to narrow down the specific type of girl you want to look for.

If however you don’t have a preference as to who you want to talk to — they also have a tab called “online now” showing you all the members that are currently online that you can chat with.

Who is this for?

After browsing other Asian dating sites, I’ve found Christian Filipina to be for someone who wants God part of their relationship.

Other sites seem to have lots of girls with low cut shirts and short skirts appealing to the Filipinas natural beauty. This site however shows more mature women who genuinely want to find a nice man to be with and love.

Trust me after browsing this site for a few mins, you will find lots of very beautiful looking girls who want a guy to date — the only difference is they don’t have to dress sexy to get your attention.

Just don’t tell my wife i told you this haha 🙂

Final Review

Christian Filipina was nominated by IDate Awards in 2015 as the top rated dating site and best mobile dating app of the year.

With over 200,000 members and 100’s more joining every day — I easily can say this is my top choice when it comes to finding a site to meet and date Filipinas.


If you’re serious about wanting a real relationship with a Filipina and not just another girl who wants to have a good time with you — I strongly suggest you check this site out and give it a go.

Please leave a comment below, letting me know what you thought about my review as well as Christian Filipina. I know finding that right someone can be difficult, and I am more than happy to help you in any way I can.

6 Replies to “Christian Filipina Review – My Top Choice For Finding A Godly Relationship”

  1. I’m actually married to a Filipina so I found your article very interesting and relevant.

    You’ve written a very comprehensive review of Christian Filipina. I hadn’t actually heard of this dating site before. This site looks like a great one for those seeking love in the island nation.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this article Darren.

      I too have never looked back and never been as happy since I met my wife online. I’m glad I could shed some light about Christian Filipina for you.

  2. Really interesting article, and a nice change from the usual run of the mill dating sites out there. Nice to see there are good clean and honest dating sites out there.

    I hear of more and more people finding online love, or getting married to somebody they meet online, so the idea is not as far-fetched as it used to be.

    My brother in fact, is married to a Filipina, but he didn’t meet her online, he met her at work. They have been really happy for the last ten years.

    1. I agree that it is reassuring knowing there are good and honest dating sites online that people can go to and find a real relationship.

      I’m very happy to hear your brother having such a good marriage with his filipina partner. I’ve said it before but they really do make excellent partners in life as well a girlfriends.

      Including me 3 people in my family found their wife or husband online — so yes I would say it is becoming more and more popular. I think once people start to realize it they will see what a great opportunity they have, if they only give it a shot.

  3. I met my partner on an internet dating site and fortunately for us it was a match made in heaven. Has been 5 years + now and it’s a wonderful relationship.
    Is a good way of meeting people, for sure, but we also need to be very careful. Chat to each other by email and don’t give out phone numbers or home addresses until you are pretty sure that the person you are in contact with is in fact who he/she professes to be. And then the first date must be very public and preferably during the day with a friend maybe close at hand to see that all goes well.
    Listen to me preaching to you guys. Sorry.
    This seems like a super website and I wish all those who use it the same blessings as my partner and I received. And we’re in our sixties for goodness sake. 🙂

    1. Great advice Roy.

      The internet is a great device to find girls from all around the world — but you have to be careful as there are people out there with bad intentions.

      Like you said don’t get out personal information or go to private meetings when you first start talking. Meet in open crowded areas and also webcam if possible to make sure the person you are talking to is in fact who they say thy are.

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