Date Online Successfully By Avoiding These 5 Common Mistakes

Date Online Successfully


Most people nowadays are very busy with their jobs and daily routines to squeeze in the time to get to know someone. That’s why more and more people are turning to the internet during their free time to try and meet someone.

However to date online successfully, you first must learn a few new things to overcome obstacles that will be thrown your way.

Dating online is very much like dating people offline — however there are a few mistakes I see people make when they’re first starting out.

So to save you time and help you increase your chances of finding a partner online, let me show you my top 5 common mistakes you should be avoiding.


Have Confidence In Yourself



When dating online you’re going to have people all around you saying things and possibly judging you.

Your family may be worried about your safety of meeting a complete stranger, or perhaps your friends may think you have become so desperate you’ve turned to the internet instead of trying to find a girl close by.

Whatever the case, you have to disregard and not pay them any attention — and have confidence in what you are doing. Don’t let them scare or embarrass you in finding someone to love.

If I had listened to my worried parents back in the day,  I’m sure I would still be single and also living at home!

Just be safe and know there are possible scammers or catfish online (as well as offline) and get to know the girl and her family well enough before you meet them in person.


Avoid Using Your Best Looking Picture


Good Looking

Say what?!

Yes I know what you’re thinking. How are you suppose to attract a girl if you don’t have an attractive picture of yourself online to show them?

Let me clarify what I mean by saying, do not use your best looking picture.

I’m guessing if you looked at your best photo of yourself compared to all of your other average ones — you look a whole lot better right? Well if you start off by showing girls your best photos — from there on out that is going to be what they expect you to look like on cam or in person.

Therefore, it’s better to find everyday normal (but still good pictures) of yourself — that way when you start talking face to face they won’t feel like they’re talking to a completely different person.

After a while as you get to know them I see no reason to show off your best looking pics — but at the beginning try to refrain and keep them hidden for a little bit.


Choosing The Right Type Of Dating Site



When you venture online — you probably will quickly realize the thousands of different dating websites there are to choose from.

So before you even sign up to any of them, you first have to decide what type of relationship you’re looking for.

Are you wanting to meet some new friends? Just have a causal date with someone? Or maybe you’re in it for the long haul and want to find someone you can settle down and marry?

Whichever choice you make, just know certain sites offer different types of opportunities. If you’re a christian looking to date a filipina, then perhaps a christian filipina dating site would be a good choice for you.

If you’re not religious though and still want to date a Philippine girl, a christian site would not be something you would want to sign up for. Instead you would want a site aimed just toward single filipina girls — without mentioning what religion they are.

If you take your time at the beginning and choose the type of dating site you want correctly — you’ll find that it will be a whole lot easier connecting with girls, then if you just randomly start singing up to each and everyone you came across.


Different Times and Days Equal Different Opportunities



A common mistake I’ve read many guys do, is they put a lot of effort to make this amazing profile page — then after they’re done they just sit back and hope lots of girls will start messaging them.

Truth is, if you’re not actively online trying to find girls to talk too — then your chances of finding a date is not too good.

What you want to do instead, is spend about an hour a day actively searching and connecting with girls. To increase your chances though, don’t just do this every morning you wake up before you go to work — instead switch things up around.

It been proven that more people are online on the weekends socializing then they are during the middle of the week, due to work and other responsibilities they have. Therefore by trying different days besides Monday – Friday … you can have better luck in finding someone.

The same goes for the time of day you decide to go online.

This is especially true for finding a girl in the Philippines. By trying out morning, afternoons, and evenings — you will be able to see what time the majority of girls are online, thereby increasing your chances of talking to new ones.

In my opinion I would go on Monday – Sunday 3 times a day when you’re first starting out — then afterwards you can decide for yourself which day and time works out best for you.


Be Original When Messaging A Girl


Sweet Message

There is a time and place to tell a girl that she is beautiful and sexy — but if these is a common message you say when you first start talking to one, you’re going to find many blocking and passing you by.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post about the importance of getting to know the girl you are talking too — and felt like I should reiterate this point because it is so crucial!

As you start talking to more and more girls online — connecting with them on a deeper level will usually make all the difference in the world. Instead of a causal “hi your sexy” message every time you speak to a girl, find something you two have in common and start off by asking them about it.

You’ll find that by doing this, you and her will have a much more enjoyable and entertaining conversation — where as otherwise you might be scratching your head wondering what to say next.

Also don’t leave her hanging. If you feel like this is a girl you would like to date — after a few messages or video calls ask her if she’d like to date you. Otherwise someone else might come up and sweep her off her feet before you know it!




The Internet is a great way to meet girls online. Most of the time it is free, you can do it anytime you want, and you can meet people from all different parts of the world.

Don’t forget though just because you have thousands if not millions more girls to choose from — does not make it any easier than it is to try and find a date offline. By doing things such as choosing the correct type of dating website, and trying different times and days to meet girls — you can avoid simple mistakes that could really be hurting you.

What kind of mistakes have you made while dating online? Leave a comment below, so other people that read this can perhaps learn from you and avoid them as well.

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