FilipinoFriendFinder Review – A Great Place To Meet Filipinas

Product: FilipinoFriendFinder

Price: $ 5.95 / month

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My Rating: 9.5 / 10

If you’re interested in meeting someone from the Philippines, or you yourself are from the Philippines looking to meet someone, then I believe this site can definitely help you out.

Whether you want to find a filipina to be friends with, or want to find one to date / marry — FilipinoFriendFinder makes this process much easier.

Although this site is smaller than some of the bigger dating sites out there, it focuses on one kind of people which is “Philippine people” and is why if you’re interested in finding a filipina then this site is something you might want to look into.

With over 100,000 active members and the option to let you search for locals that live near you on their home page — it makes this a unique and great opportunity to find someone to connect with.

Let me know get into more of the fine details of what this site is, and give you a better overview of what you can expect once inside.


What Is It

This website is part of the “FriendFinder” network. They started back in 1996 as nothing more than a social networking site — and now today has over 20 different social and dating websites which they own.

FilipinoFriendFinder itself is a dating website, made to help you connect with filipinas be it they live overseas, or right next door to you. It is also geared toward helping men and women from the Philippines also find friendship or romance.

With thousands of members part of their community ( and hundreds more joining each week ), it just goes to show that they are still active and going strong.

One thing I really liked about this site, was all the unique features it had that most other dating sites didn’t … starting with their homepage.

Signing Up

What I found very cool was before you even sign up to their website, they give you the option to search through their members right from their homepage.

Searching Members

Of course if you find someone that catches you eye, it will the take you directly to their sign up page. I just thought however, this was a nice little touch that most other dating sites don’t do.

Now with signing up, you go through a 5 step process in which they will ask you general questions like your age, what you’re interested in, and what type of person you prefer to find once inside. They will also ask you at the end to write a short summary telling a little something about yourself.

Once you’ve finished signing up and confirming your email address with them, you then will be able to log in and start exploring their website.

General Layout Of The Website

When you land on their homepage, you will notice everything is nicely layed out and well organized. At the top you have a menu bar, to the left your account and some general notifications, then in the middle pictures of all the members who are part of their community.


The main way you’re going to want to navigate their site is the menu bar on top of the screen.

You’ll also have a sidebar to your left where it lets you view things that you’re most likely going to want to know, like your notification, messages, and who has viewed your profile.

However it does not show you everything they have to offer here, which is why you should get some time and familiarize yourself with the menu bar on the top.

So, let me give you a general overview of what each one is, in order for you to better understand them

menu bar


As you can probably guess, the home button lets you return to their homepage whenever you click on it. It will show you things like your account, what the community is doing, and which members are online or not.


This is where you will go to either read messages sent to you, or if you want to send a message to someone else. You can also organize your messages in different folders, to better keep track of everything.


If you receive any kind of notification, be it a message, a flirt , or video call — you will see it appear with a bell icon right next to it.

My Stuff

This is where you can go to find everything that’s going on with your account. It gives you easy access all in one place, keeping you from jumping from one place to another.

My stuff

In the first column you can edit your profile by adding pics, videos, or a blog post ( which I’ll be getting more into in a minute ).

The middle column is all about your friends. You can view your friends network, see if anyone has requested to be your friend, and look at some of your favorite photos.

The last column is basically where you can see how people are interacting with you. You can see things like how many profile views you’ve had, who is flirting with you, and you has put you on their hotlist.


Here is how you are going to find people to interact and connect with, based on your preferences and likes.

As with most dating sites you can narrow people down by sex, age, distance, and many other options. However the only drawback with this site, is the more advanced options like body type, lifestyle, and religion are restricted until you upgrade.

While yes that is kinda of a let down, there were two major things that I really liked about their search function, which was the “near me filter” and the “hot or not” feature.

Near Me

While many dating site do have this option, where it lets you find partners on their site that live close by — more times than not it still shows people from overseas and not actually “near you.”

However when I first clicked on it, I was pleasantly surprised to find REAL people that lived NEAR me.

People Close By

Now your results may differ from mine, but as you can see the nearest member from where I live is only 37 miles away.

So this gives you a good opportunity to maybe find someone that you can meet up with and actually see in person, rather than wait months to plan and meet someone from another country.

Hot or Not

Hot or not seems to be a new feature they just recently added to their site.

Here is where you will see different members profiles at random, then you either thumbs them up or thumbs then down. With the ones you do give a thumbs up to, they will be added to your hot list.

hot or not

I found this quite fun as it gives you a different way in viewing the members here, and it will automatically save anyone you like — making it less likely for you to forget what their name or picture was.

Live Action

The live action tab is one of the features that really stuck out for me, and one that I am personally excited to share with you.

Here you have two options to choose from, instant messenger and Chat rooms.

While I did not use their instant messenger, I was able to browse their chatrooms and see what they were like.

Chat Rooms

Their website offers around 8 – 10 different types of categories to choose from when you first enter.

They have one for people that only speak Tagalog, one for people that only speak English, a friendship room, and other exciting ones like the Poolside.

I even went into one of the chat rooms and sent a message just to see how active they were, and was pleasantly surprised to see someone message me within minutes after I typed a message.

Chat Room

I think I found this section so near and dear to me, because I met my own wife in a chatroom several years back when I was trying to find a girl to date online.

Also what’s even better is this is available for free members, so you don’t have to upgrade or pay anything to use this feature — which is also another big plus in my book.


The community tab lets you better interact with people inside in a variety of different ways. Here you can access blogs, groups, magazines, and even express yourself with some nice bling.


This is where you can create your own personal blog to express yourself, ask questions, or just let people get to know you better. You can also view other people’s blogs and leave a comment letting them know what you thought about it.


This is a nice little section where you can meet people that have similar interest to yourself. It can be things like hiking, dating advice, or just finding people that live in the same area you do.

They have hundreds of groups for you to join in — but if you don’t find anything you like, you can also create your own group and ask people to join it as well.


This is a cool and unique part of FilipinoFriendFinder — as it relies on you and the other members to create helpful, exciting, and engaging content for people to read.

They have around 10 different categories, with thousands of articles spread across over all of them.

Magazine Articles

Even as a free member, you’re allowed to view any of the articles, respond and interact with ones already made, and also create ones for yourself.

If you spend just a few minutes browsing through the many articles written here, you can get some amazing advice and information on all kinds of different subjects including dating online.


This is a nice little addition where it lets you show off your personality, by placing a small picture icon on your profile or blog post.


You can get them by either creating one yourself, receiving one as a gift, or taking it from the creators profile.

If you do take it from someone, it will come with a link below it giving credit back to the original creator. So if you want to try and make a cool looking graphic, and lots of people come by and use yours… then as a result you’re going to have many more people viewing your profile.

Upgrade Options

FilipinoFriendFinder comes with two different memberships “ Gold and Silver “ both having 3 different options for you to choose from.


They also always have different special offers that go on… and at the time of writing this post their special offer is 6 months free with a 12 month gold membership.

To be honest with you though, both gold and silver are very similar in pricing.

So I would probably do the 12 month gold plan which equals out to $5.95 / month ( which is the exact same price for silver ) or in a simple comparison … 1 cup of coffee at starbucks.

What I liked

  • Able to do a general search of the members without even signing up
  • Dedicated mainly to filipina women / men, and not ones from different eastern countries
  • Chat room and instant messenger is a nice feature, and is also available for free members
  • Hot or not tab gives you a fun and easy way to browse through lots of profile pics really fast
  • Active site, with hundreds of people still joining each week.

What I didn’t Like

  • Very limited on how you can search for people once inside, that is until you upgrade
  • Does not screen people before they sign up, so you should be aware of some scammers inside ( as goes with most dating sites )

Who’s is this for

This is for both men and women who are looking to find someone to connect with online. This can be very casual like a friendship or pen pal — or something more serious like a girlfriend or finding someone to marry.

Either way, if you are interested in the Philippines and the people that live there — this site is definitely worth your time.

Final Review


After giving this site a good look through, I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to find a filipina partner to give this a shot.

It may not be as popular as some of the other big dating sites, but for the price they offer and the fact that they focus solely on men and women from the Philippines — it can help make your searching adventures a little bit easier.

So If you would like to sign up for free and see if this can work for you, click the link below.

Do you have any other questions or concerns about this site? Maybe you’ve already tried this, and would like to to let everyone know how it was?

Leave a comment below, and I will be more than happy to help you out or listen to what your experience was like with FilipinoFriendFinder.

10 Replies to “FilipinoFriendFinder Review – A Great Place To Meet Filipinas”

  1. Hi Michael,
    You have given a detailed review of Filipino Friend Finder. Your readers who are looking for Filipino companionship should appreciate this post.

    They asked for information about their clients which I think will help in matching friends

    This site looks as if they deliver and that would be a good thing since there are free sites on the internet where people can find friends. I think the cost is reasonable but it adds up when it is paid monthly.

    Thanks for the lovely post.

    1. Hi Luna,

      Yes your right as I believe Filipino Friend Finder can and does help make finding friends and companionship quite easy for anyone that wants to join. Also as I said earlier, its only 5 buck a month — which I’m sure almost anyone can afford.

  2. Your site is very user friendly, and is integrated well. It is frustrating to search for one thing and get another. It appear to have the capability to produce perfect matches. This site is very clear in telling you what it has to offer. It may be small now, but it has the potential to grow very big. Hope much success for your site.

  3. Its just amazing how easy it is to find love these days. You don’t really need to go out and find the right social circles anymore. Relationships can be achieved through websites such as this one.

    I never knew there was a friend finder website that is dedicated to finding Filipinos. The site’s overall layout and features also look very intuitive and simple to use. I’ll definitely recommend this site to some of my friends who might be interested.

    Great review!

    1. I agree before I did any research, I had no idea there were so many dating sites around except for the big ones like match and e harmony.

      What I like about these smaller dating sites — is they target a very select group of people thus increasing your chances of finding the type of person you want to date.

  4. Hello

    Very nice article on Filipino Friend Finder, I do enjoy my interactions online with people from other countries and many of them are from the Philippines.

    I am from the USA, single and always open to meeting new people for pen pals, friendship and maybe one day meet the right lady.

  5. Oh my goodness… this site looks so cool! and this dating/friend finding for Filipino people is quite fascinating. Now I’m of course not Filipino myself. But I actually have a lot of friends who are and they might find this interesting. In fact, one of my friends was literally commenting the other day that he wishes there was a place he could go where he would only have to talk to his own nationality. This is awesome! I’ll definitely refer him to your site here.

    1. Hi Caleb.

      The great thing is even though you are not Filipino Caleb — many girls from there love foreigner guys and would love to meet someone like you, if you ever did join.

      As for your friend, I think he too will find this site very rewarding, as he will be able to speak with all kinds of different Philippine people once inside.

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