How Dating Girls Online Compares To Dating Girls Offline

Now a days you’ll hear some guys talk about how dating girls online is so wonderful and great. On the other hand, you’ll have other guys who pretend dating online is the plague, and avoid it at all cost.

Whether or not you decide to go the online route or traditional way — they both can be very successful in helping you find a partner.

How Dating Girls Online

For instance, when you first meet someone — you slowly start to get to know who they are either by texting them online, or talking to them over the phone.

Overtime as you two continue to communicate, you start to develop trust with one another and maybe go on a few dates — be it physically seeing each other, or just having a webcam date.

Now I know some of you reading this are probably going to side one way or another — and by that I mean you either only like dating offline, or only like dating online.

My hopes in this post, is to show you the advantages and disadvantages of both sides, which will give you a better perspective of how each one can benefit you.

So without any further delay, let me first start off with dating online’s advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Dating Online

Whether you like dating online or not — the fact is millions and millions of people DO date online, with more trying it out each and every year… and there’s good reason for that.

For one, the biggest advantage online dating has to offer is you can meet people where you want, and at anytime you want. You can be at home in your pajamas sipping coffee early in the morning, or after a long days of work come home and sit down in your big lazy boy.

Date Anywhere

Another main advantage is you get to meet people from all around the world, and not just the people that live within your city limits.

You want to date a tall Russian girl? Or maybe you prefer an exotic beauty with smooth tan skin from the Philippines? Dating online makes all of this very possible.

Not only do you get to meet girls from all different kinds of countries — but it is also been proven that online relationships tend to last longer.

Why Online Relationships Tend To Do Better

There are two main reasons as to why online relationships usually last longer compared to ones that start offline.

1. When you start to date someone online, overtime you start to develop a relationship with someone based on more than just how they look.

You learn to like them for who they are, why they make you laugh and smile, and usually find similar interest or hobbies that you both can relate too.

Sadly nowadays, many people don’t really take the time to “get to know” someone and pursue someone just because he or she is hot — then find out later on that they have no chemistry between one another.

2. Also by not physically being with the person you’re talking to, it gives you a true test of your relationship.

I know you’re probably thinking there’s now way I can date someone without ever being able to physically touch them or go on real dates, and yes it is hard ( I did this for 4 years ) but in the end it’s SO WORTH IT!

The feelings you’ll have when both of you are finally together will feel so strong and real — that it feels like nothing can tear you two apart.

More times than not this is exactly what happens — at least from what I’ve seen.

But even though online dating has many pros, and also has many cons that come with it as well.

Disadvantages of Dating Online

Lets first address the issue that I know is one of the main reasons why people avoid dating online — which is not being able to physically be with your date.

Now while yes you can develop just as strong of feelings for one another be it you see them in person or over the internet — as humans we all crave to physically be with someone. Things like holding them when it’s cold, kissing them on the cheek goodnight, or just smelling what their perfume is like.

This simply just can’t be done over the internet — which is a major turnoff when it comes to dating online.

Another reason why people are “scared” to try online dating, is because of all the stories that circulate about how people think they’re talking to one person, but find out later on it’s someone totally different.


With dating online a person can make up a fake profile within minutes and pretend to be whoever they want. While I never fell victim to this, I know several people that have, and it is always something you have to be cautious of.

While this can be a real pain to deal with, I tell anyone who does date online to have a video chat with the person — that way they can be 100% certain they’re real.

Now that I’ve given you the good and bad of online dating — let’s switch things up and talk about dating offline.

Advantages of Dating Offline

Now while you can’t meet thousands of pretty girls anytime you wish like you can with dating online, you can however go out and physically be with someone.

This is probably the biggest advantage offline dating has to offer. After you’ve finally found someone to date — you can meet up with them each and every day after that.

dating offline advantage

Also, you there’s no more worrying about whether or not you’re talking to some guy, an old lady, or some weirdo — since they can’t hide behind a fake screen name.

You can go on real dates like to the movies or dinner, hold their hand in public, and have someone that you can basically do anything with.

And as you two date and spend more and more time with each other, you can start to get a real sense of what the person is like — and I don’t mean just with you, but also what their like with their friends and family.

Which brings me to my next point… being able to meet the people in your partner’s life.

With dating someone who lives right around the corner, you can get to know who they hang out with, what their family is like, and eventually introduce yourself to them.

If you show them what a great person you are — this can lean toward them liking you, thus also strengthening your relationship.

Now while all this sounds amazing and wonderful, there are also some drawbacks to dating offline I want to address with you as well.

Disadvantages of Dating Offline

While yes being able to see someone in person is all nice and wonderful, it also brings up the question do they like you — and if so why?

Do they like you because you have great hair and a six pack — or do they like you because of your personality and how you make them feel? These are all questions that can race through your mind when dating someone offline — especially if it’s just your first or second date.

What’s worst is when you first meet your date, you may not of been what she had hoped for — and she could publicly reject you in front of everyone, making you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

With online dating, there’s not public humiliation of being turned down in front of other people — or having awkward silences with a person that you’re clearly not getting along with.

And while these may be some minor drawbacks that come with dating offline — there’s still one major disadvantage you have, which is who you can date and when you can date.


What do I mean by this?

Simply put, when you are trying to date someone offline — you are limited by the girls that live within your city or cities that are close by.

Also, were all busy people so the only realistic time most of us can get out is on the weekends. Unlike dating online, you can potentially date a girl from anywhere in the world — and do it whenever you want wherever you want.

Let’s also not forget ( since we’re talking about time ) that when you date offline you probably spend up to 2-3 hours getting ready, and traveling back and forth to where both of you are going to meet up.

Now I know many of you may like getting all dressed up and traveling to go out on a date — and that’s alright. Just to remind you though, all this time and money potentially spent going out with someone that may or may not work out with, is a lot more expensive than trying to find a date online.

My Final Thoughts

So you may be wondering, which one is more effective — Dating online or offline?

Well to be quite honest, they are about equal — as they both have advantages and disadvantages that come along with each one.

With online dating there are millions of people joining up to dating sites each and every day — and you can meet girls and guys from all kinds of different backgrounds.

With offline dating, you get to physically go out and interact with your dates — which also gives you a better sense of how the person is around you and other people.

Whichever you choose, just be careful who you decide to meet up with. Dating can be a very exciting and wonderful experience if you let it — just remember to use caution, and take time getting to know the person before you make any sort of commitments.

So what are you thoughts about dating? Do you prefer dating online, offline, or don’t care one way or another? Let me know what you think below by leaving a comment.

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