How To Choose A Girl Online And Know She’s Your Perfect Match

When you’re thinking on how to choose a girl online to date, I’m sure you got picture of what the perfect one would look and act like right?

Truth is however if you go online in hopes of finding that perfect someone — you are going to be looking forever, because NONE OF US are perfect!

So how do you know when you’ve found your perfect match?

How To Choose A Girl

Well let me give you several ways to help you determine if this is the girl you can one day say “I do” too.

She’s Always On Your Mind

Boy Kissing

Whenever you run across a funny video on YouTube, or something exciting just happened in your life like your sister having a baby — she’s the first person you want to tell.

You may wait to tell them face to face or quickly give them a text, either way though you look forward to sharing your life with them.

This also goes for bad news….

Whenever you had a bad day at work, or you’re not feeling well — you enjoy talking to her and telling her the problems you’re having.

You Both Have Odd Things In Common

Silly Couple

It’s easy to find someone who likes the same type of music or TV shows you enjoy — however when you get into weird habits you both enjoy doing like smelling the pages of new books, it makes you two feel even more connected.

For me and my wife we will usually turn on the radio to listen to music. However most of the time were not really listening to the lyrics but just the sound of the song. So we both enjoy making up our own lyrics to it, which eventually makes us start laughing at one another.

We seem to do this with opening theme songs to TV shows, commercials, and almost anything that has a tune to it. When we do this together — I always feel like I picked the right one for me :).

You’re Not Afraid Of The Future

Crystal Ball

It’s always an awkward feeling when you say something like, “I can’t wait to go to the beach with you next year” — then she starts to look worried and scared thinking something could happen between the two of you in that amount of time.

If though she though looks excited and happy when you mention going to a beach or new place, she also sees a bright future for both of you and can’t wait to do all sorts of things together with you.

You could move, get a new job, or not communicate for a few days — she will still be waiting for you and look forward being with you for a long time.

Long Silences Are Not A Problem


When you first meet one another I’m sure you two are going to have lots of things to talk about. However there will be times when you two are going to have long moments of silence.

How you and her handle these moments can say a lot about how your relationship is.

If you feel nervous looking at your phone or computer figuring out what you should say next, or maybe you also find out you two talk about the same things every day — then you may not be as comfortable being her as you thought.

If though going 5 mins without saying a word while she reads an article online, or you are eating a quick snack for a few mins, and you two feel perfectly fine — then you might of reached that point where even sitting in long silences still makes you feel at ease with one another.

Certain Things Always Remind You Of Them

Sour Patch Kids

Whether you’re walking down the road, at a party, or just at home relaxing — if certain items or things pop up and you immediately think of her, it’s a good sign you found your right match.

Since my wife is from the Philippines every time I see rice or a karaoke machine she will be the first person to pop up in my mind. Also there other weird things like sour patch kids which will remind me of her too — since she goes through the bag and picks out only the blue ones when she eat them.

For you though it could be a type of rose she said she liked that reminds you of her, or maybe you two have a favorite restaurant — and every time someone mentions it she pops up in your mind.

Whatever it is be sure to tell her next time you talk with her, she will he happy to know she is always on your mind.

You Know How She Is Always Feeling


You’re probably thinking duh of course I know when she is mad, sad or happy at me. What’s so special about that?

What I’m talking about though, is when you’re out in public with other people you can tell how she is feeling. Or you can pick up that something is not quite right with her within the first few moments you start talking to her.

Most girls I know will hide their true emotions from people and not reveal what they are actually thinking or feeling. If she is smiling with her friends (but you can tell it’s not genuine) that means you two have gotten so close you can detect the slightest thing wrong with her.

This also goes for when she’s super happy angry or worried about something too. You can be there to comfort her however she needs before she even tells you.

You Two Joke Around Often


When you find yourselves joking around often and not getting offended, then this tends to always a good sign. Instead you two make each other feel happy and relaxed as you playfully tease with one another.

I love to tease my wife about how short she is. I always give her a hard time when she tries to get a glass from the cabinet or has to stand on her tip-pi toes to kiss me. She usually burst out in a big smile whenever I mention her height.

As for me, she likes to remind me how bad of a cook I am — and if anything breaks in our house I usually don’t have a clue how to fix it. This is usually when I tell her it’s a good thing she is such an excellent cook to make up for my shortcoming, ha ha.

So if you find a girl who seems to get easily offended and takes everything you say too seriously you might need get to know her better or you two may just not have that right chemistry.

Make sure you find someone instead you can say what you want freely and openly and have her take it as playful talking.

She Supports You All The Way


You know no matter what decision you make about anything she is going to back you up 100%. Although she may not agree fully with what you want — she still wants to make you happy therefore will agree to what you want to do.

For me, my wife wanted to join the army shortly after arriving here in the U.S. I really did not want her to go — but took her to do an interview and supported her. I believe though as time went on she could tell I was a little sad, and eventually gave up the whole idea.

While that may of been what she really wanted to do, she wanted me to be happy and decided to get a job nearby instead :).

So when you’re talking girls online, as you two get to know each other more — see if she is one that is more supportive to your goals in life or wants to try and change your mind about a lot of things.

To Wrap Things Up

Remember when you are trying to find your perfect match online, the girl does not have to have every quality you want. Find one you are always thinking about, feel comfortable telling anything too, and is supportive in whatever you want to do in life.

She may not be an excellent cook like your dream girl is, but she could however be just the person you need in your life if you give her a chance.

Did any of these signs help you determine your perfect match online? Maybe you enjoy talking to a girl already and she is possibly showing one if not more of the signs I just mentioned?

Leave me a comment below and let me know how it’s going. I always love reading people finding partners they enjoy being with.

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