How To Court A Filipina – The 4 Steps You Must Go Through

Learning how to court a filipina can be a lot of fun but also confusing if you’ve never done it before.

Unlike traditional dating in the western world where you would ask a girl you like to go out — courting involves having a more indirect approach that goes through several different stages.

This usually starts out where you two will meet up just as friends, then by the final stage of you courting her is when your usually end up asking for her hand in marriage.

Yes that’s right marriage!

As you can see, if you ever have any intention of courting a nice and good looking filipina be sure you’re serious and committed about it — because like I said you’re not just asking her out on a casual date, but rather a long term relationship that can last a lifetime.

So, you’re probably wondering exactly how do I court a filipina, and what can I expect to happen during the process?

Let me walk you through the several different stages from start to finish, to help you better understand how courting is done in the Philippines.

How To Court A Filipina

Getting To Know Each Other

During the first stage of courting a filipina, you want your relationship to be a causal one. This usually involves going on group dates with your friends — or being supervised by one of the parents.

As tempting as it may be to hold her hand or wrap your arm around her — you should refrain from having any physical contact with her during this stage of your relationship. She will view you as someone arrogant and boastful who is not serious about your relationship with her.

Soon after you go on several friendly outings with her, you can now enter the 2nd stage of the courting process which is where you get to actually start dating her.

Gong On Real Dates

As you did before in the first stage, you will still be taking her on dates — but this time you won’t have your friends or parents tagging along with you.

Now when the time seems appropriate, you can now start holding her hand and giving her sweet kisses — but you should still take things slow and not try to rush your relationship.

As I mentioned before you’re entering a long term relationship. It is not uncommon for some courtships to last years until you both are considered to be in an official relationship.

I dated my current wife for 3 years online before I even met her, mostly due to financial and time restraints. I’m certain though if I was living in the Philippines it might of lasted just as long even though we were able to see each other every day.

So during this period what you should do is try to woo and impress her. Show that you are serious about dating her.

Impress Her

You’ll find most filipinas that you court will show restraint and play hard to get, even if they have very strong feelings for you. This is a tradition in the Philippines, in order to make the guy work hard to win her love and eventually the right to marry her in the future.

Here are a few ways you can impress your filipina, to show how much you care for her:

  • Always show you are concerned for her. Give her a call or text after you just finished going on a date, to make sure she got home safely.
  • If she is carrying something, offer to carry it for her instead.
  • As I said before don’t try to have lots of physical contact with her to the point of making her feel uncomfortable.
  • Give small gifts like flowers, love notes, and other sentimental items.
  • Frequently ask how both she and her family are doing.

In essence just show you care for her and make her feel special. While it’s very important during this stage of courting — you should always aim to do this for a filipina whether you’re just dating or already married.

After a while it’ll be time for you two to enter into the 3rd stage of courtship, which is publicly letting everyone know you are officially in a relationship.

Your Relationship Is Now Public

This is the part where you get to tell your family and friends about your romance life with one another.

It’s common practice for you to visit the girl’s house and properly introduce yourself to her family. Make sure you treat them and her with utmost respect and courtesy. Also try to impress them by demonstrating that your kind and a well mannered man who is worthy of their daughter.

In some filipina families it’s also tradition that you present her and her family with a small gift each time you visit them. If you are unsure just politely ask if bringing a gift is alright, and if so is there anything in particular they would like.

As I said before courting can take anywhere from several months to a few years — but when you two feel it’s the right time, you’ll now be ready for the last step which is marriage.

The Wedding Is Near

You’ve finally made it!

After spending what seems like an eternity dating each other, and getting to know one another more and more over the past months and years — it is now time for you two to finally get married.

Wedding Couple

Now it’s up to you as the man to ask the girl’s parents for permission to marry their daughter. Hopefully if you’ve treated both them and your girlfriend with respect and shown how much you care for her they will approve your request.

I know I’ve probably mentioned this before — but marrying my filipina wife was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. You can read more about why I think a man should marry a filipina here in my earlier post.

Keep in mind, even after you marry her keep treating her with the same kindness and curiosity you were doing when courting her — and she will return the favor and make you one of the happiest men on earth.


Remember when courting a filipina treat it more like a marathon and take your time.

She will find you more attractive and take you more serious, rather than trying to rush things like holding her hand in public or kissing her on the lips after you first meet.

As long as you do this and stay kind, loyal, and respectful towards her — you will have no problems at all enjoying a long lasting relationship with your new filipina partner.

Have you ever thought about courting a girl from the Philippines before? Maybe you have your eye on a special someone that you want to ask?

Leave me a comment below — I would love to read about it. Also if you have any other questions or concerns on how to court a filipina, also let me know and I’ll get back with you as soon as I can.

2 Replies to “How To Court A Filipina – The 4 Steps You Must Go Through”

  1. Hello how are you? I met a Filipina girl a few months ago and we have been emailing quite a bit and seems to be getting a little serious. Last night we were talking about me cording to her and she asked how would I go about cording a girl. Is it possible to court long distance or is that something you have to do in person I am supposed to be going to the Philippines In January but I really like this girl and want to get more serious is there anyway that can happen with emails and hopefully soon I can call her on the telephone. Thank you for any help you can give me

    1. Hi Don,

      Courting from what I’ve experienced and researched is more of a physical action then something you do online… much like going out on a date is different than just dating online.

      With that said, I would just do what she asked you and describe to her in detail how you plan on courting her once you’re there in January.

      Tell her what kind of gifts you may give her, where you would like to take her too, and things to that nature.

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