How to date online if you’re in a long distance relationship

long distance relationship

You’ve probably met a Filipina online, or are in the process of trying to find one. At some point or another you’re
probably going to start to question if pursuing such a long distance relationship is even worth it.

I’ll be the first to tell you that long distance relationships can be challenging at times, but are totally worth it if you have the right mindset and a positive attitude.

Knowing how to date online when the girl you’re talking to is thousands of miles away can be tricky, but I learned quickly that communicating is key to any relationship. This is especially true when dating online. Not only talking on a regular basis is crucial to a healthy relationship, but also doing things together regularly and having an end game in mind will help you both grow and have a stronger bond.

Learning how to communicate

When you are dating a Filipina communicating with her can be hard a times. For one both of you are in different times zones, so when one is waking up the other one is usually getting ready for bed. I would recommend to schedule a certain time of the day when you two will agree to meet online and talk.

For me, this was around 11:00 am, because I was getting off work (which was currently night shift) and she would be getting ready for bed, so it just worked out for the both of us. If for some reason you get busy or can’t be at the computer that day, just send her a simple text message or email letting her know you are thinking of her.

Another thing you two can do to make chatting more fun , is to try and webcam a few times a week. Not having any physical contact with someone you talk to every day can be frustrating, so by video chatting it’s like having the conversation as if she was sitting right next to you.

Have Fun with each other

having fun

Dating online can be boring at times when you can’t physically reach out and touch the person you are talking to, but there a lots of things you two can do to make it more enjoyable.
For instance, ask her if she likes to play any kind of games online. These could be role playing games like Warcraft and Diablo, or if she has a smart phone there are thousands of free mobile games you can choose from too.

If you’re like me when you are just getting home sometimes you may not be up to playing video games, in that case find an enjoyable movie you both can watch. What my wife and I did was turn on the same movie and video chatted at the same time, and while the movie was playing we would talk and laugh about it. If however you are cut short for time, you can always share with her a funny or interesting video you found on the internet, and ask her what she thinks.

I’ve found that by just doing simple things like this from time to time, you can make online dating a lot more fun and interesting.

Enjoy you’re independence while you still can

The great thing about Dating online is “you can have your cake and eat it at the same time.” What I mean by this is you can enjoy the benefits of having a girl to talk to every day and share your feelings with, while at the same time still have your own freedom to do what you want when you want.

If you’ve been talking online for a while with a Filipina, you’re probably wishing the days would fly by so you two can be together in person. While you should be excited about this (because I know I was), it’s better to enjoy your online dating experience right now while you can.

Trust me time will fly and you two will be together before you know it.

For now though, this is the best time to really get to know her. Know what she likes to eat, what kind of hobbies she has, who her family is, and what she wants in the future. It’s easy to think that when you two are together everything will go perfectly. Let me tell you, no relationship is perfect, especially when it comes to dating a Filipina whose culture is much different then yours will be.

Don’t be that clingy boyfriend

When dating online it’s easy to want to talk 24/7 to your girl, wanting to know what she’s doing or who she is hanging out with. Girls love being having the attention of someone, but if you push to hard messaing her every minute it will quickly become a turn off for her. You might even start to develop emotions of jealousy and envy when you see her hanging around with other people having fun.

Remember, since you two can not physically be with each other yet, it’s going be a common thing for her and you both to talk and hang out with friends that are close by. Don’t let this get you upset or worried, just work on developing a trust worthy relationship so you two will always know you have one another.

What is your future plan?

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Dating online can be difficult at times, but try to picture what you want your end goal to be. Maybe you just want to date her and visit her regularly in the Philippines, or maybe you have a bigger plan of one day marrying her. Either way by expressing to her what you want in the future, will make both much happier.

Remember though, simple things like communicating often, finding activities you two can do together, and getting to know her better are 3 simple but very powerful ways to make long distance relationships work out.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, click here to get started today.

I am curious to know, if you are currently talking with a girl — how many of these have you been doing on a regular basis? If you’re not, which part do you plan working on first? Leave a comment below and let me know how it’s going.

2 Replies to “How to date online if you’re in a long distance relationship”

  1. I actually met my partner online when I released some music to a website – I was in Wales and she was in England! (London). We made it work by me flying up and down the Great Western train line but in the end we settled on living in Cardiff!
    It does work, long distance etc, but you both have to work at it!

    1. I always find it fascinating seeing how other people go about meeting each other online. Who knew by you putting some music online, would result in you having a girlfriend down the road!

      I’m happy for you, and you are correct that anything you want in life be it a relationship or a physical thing, you need to be willing to work hard to get it.

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