How To Find A Girl Within The Philippines

How To Find A Girl

Today I want to switch things up a bit and talk about how to find a girl if you’re in the Philippines or thinking about traveling there.

Without a doubt though I would say the internet is probably going to be the most convenient way for you to find and date a filipina.


The goal of this post is to help you better understand that meeting a filipina in person (which may sound scary to some of you) is really not that hard, and can actually be quite fun!

Who knows… you may decide next year you want to travel the world — and what better place to start then the Philippines!

So without any further delay, let me give you some great places you can go to meet some beautiful filipinas when you’re in their country.

Having a Mutual Friend

Mutual Friend

If you’re lucky enough to know someone that lives in the Philippines, one of the easiest ways to find a great girl to date is through them.

Having a friend introduce you to one of their pretty female friends, eliminates you having to go out and look for a complete stranger. While there is nothing wrong with roaming around looking for a girl by yourself (I would suggest you do) it definitely saves you time in the beginning.

Along with saving you time, a friend can make your chances of having a successful date much higher!

They can tell the girl great qualities about you like how good looking you are, how smart you were in school, and what great work ethics you have — well before you even meet her.

Another main advantage of meeting a filipina through someone you know, is it’s less awkward when you first see her — since you and her both know the same person. This gives you two something already in common to talk about.

If however you don’t know someone in the Philippines (which I’m sure it will be most of you reading this post) there are several other great places to find girls to date while you are there.

Bars and clubs


Filipina’s love drinking and partying, so of course one of the best places to start looking is going to be at clubs and bars.

Now I know most of you are probably thinking all you will find are strippers and lap dancers if you choose to go here. While there are many of these types of girls hanging out when you go into clubs, you can still meet some very nice girls who are looking to have fun with a guy.

The question you’re probably thinking though, is how can you tell if a girl is a “entertainer” or just a normal girl wanting to enjoy a nights out.

One of the simplest ways is to simply see what type of people she is hanging around with. If all the girls you see her talking to are wearing very skimpy sexy clothing, and are throwing themselves all over guys in there — chances are they are a bar girl.

Another more direct approach you can take if you’re the talkative type, is simply go up and start chatting with them. As you two continue flirting and enjoying yourselves, see how she reacts when you make small gestures towards her like trying to touch her hand or put your arms around her casually.

If she acts very shy and timid chances are high that she is not a bar girl –seeing how their career is all about rubbing themselves up against guys so they will like them.

So while there are many girls you may want to steer clear from when hanging around bars or clubs, also remember there are also several great girls you can find here to hook up with and date.

Walking around Malls


Besides drinking and eating, filipinas third favorite thing to do is shopping! Being married to one, I can say it feels like every other weekend is black friday for us — where we have to wake up very early and go see all the great sales the stores are having.

Going to malls you can be sure you will always find hundreds of pretty girls walking around enjoying themselves. However before starting a conversation with one, there are a few things you are going to want to know.

First of all, although most filipinas are very friendly and warm to talk to — they are also shy. Having girls take quick glances of you and then quickly look away, is something you will see often as you are walking around.

I’m pretty sure it’s also because your a foreigner, which they don’t see too often.

So to increase your chances of them talking to you, it’s best to try approach a girl in less crowded areas. This can be as simple as a bench in the middle of the mall, or a store where there aren’t many customers.

The great thing about finding a girl at a mall is you can easily suggest to take her out to eat or buy her something, since you got everything already there. Getting to know each other over slice of pizza and coke makes it more fun, then just walking around from place to place.

Another great option at malls, is to ask the girls already working there if they would like to go out with you. They more than likely would enjoy having a fun evening with you, after standing on their feet all day and dealing with customers.



In 2015, around 82% of the Philippines population was considered catholic. That is roughly 80,00 people attending church each and every sunday! You would have to be crazy to pass this up, even if you are not a very church going person.

The advantage of finding a girl to date while at church, is more than likely she is going to have good morals. Now I know, you will always find those few that are bad and like to cause trouble — but more often than not most would love a decent guy to be with if their single.

Churches will also make talking to people with similar interest a lot easier. Usually after each service you have a choice of joining a small group. These groups can be broken down into people that are in their 20, 30, and 40s. They also have groups such as people who are in college and parents that are single.

More often than not, most people usually like to meet up after the church service to eat or hang out. This also gives you a prime opportunity to get to know them better and even ask one of the girls out on a date.



You’re probably thinking I made a typo when mentioning online as one of the places to meet Phillippine girls while in their country.

Yes I know it sounds crazy but think about it. Meeting girls online has so many advantages that you can’t do anywhere else, why not try to find a filipina girl online while you’re there?

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Convenient – Waking up and walking over to your computer in your pajamas is so much easier than having to take a shower, drive downtown, then start walking around looking for girls. It’s not only easier but faster, in terms of how many girls you can reach out to in the same time frame.

Improve your conversation skills – When you first start speaking to a girl you just met, I’m sure most of us have had those awkward moments where there are long drawn out silences. Also sometimes you simply just don’t know what to talk about, making it even harder if you’re from another country.

By communicating online, you avoid all those silent moments and are able to ask questions more freely to one another.

Which brings me to my next point…

There’s Less Pressure Online – The beauty of communicating online is it takes all the stress and pressure away, what you would usually feel when first meet a girl. Thoughts like what to talk about, do I look good enough, am I too boring are just not there.

You can ask her a question, get up go grab a coffee and snack, then come back while you’re waiting for her to respond to you.

Not only do you feel less pressure about what to say, but also you don’t have to worry about being rejected. Usually if a girl likes you she will keep sending you messages winks and what not — but if she finds your not her type, you simply just find someone new to chat with and move on.

Able To Meet Up –  One main advantage I believe you get when talking to a girl online “while in the Philippines” is that you can easily meet up with this girl afterwards to get to know her better. Doing this from your own country is just not possible.

So although while in the Philippines just walking to your nearest store you will allow you to meet some girls — don’t throw out the whole online dating experience while you’re there.

So Where Else Can I Meet Girls?

Basically anywhere and everywhere you go.

When walking down the street, riding a Jeepney, or just sitting at the airport you can strike up a conversation with just about any girl you see.

Most filipinas are very friendly and are always looking to make new friends, just remember that most of them are shy — so you are probably going to have to make the first move. Be polite, kind, and respectful — and if everything goes well offer to take her out to eat and give her your number.

You never know where this relationship may take you to down the road. She could perhaps be your future wife someday. 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the best places to meet Philippine girls while you’re in their country. Perhaps you met a girl in a place i forgot to mention? Please leave a comment with any questions or stories you may have below– I would love to read what you have to say.

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