My Filipina Bride – From When When First Met To Present Day

In today’s post I want to do something a little different and fun.

I want to talk about my filipina bride — and show you what is was like when we first met online, all the way up to this current year.

I hope if you’re looking for love online, this post will give you some inspiration and motivation to get out there and start finding that right someone to be part of your life.

So without any further delay, let me jump right into things and tell you what it was like when I first met my wife online.

My Filipina Bride

When we first met online / messages

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was single, looking for a girlfriend, and was searching all around the internet for girls to talk too. After doing this for a few weeks, I started talking to this girl who is now my current wife.

We enjoyed talking so much, that we even set up a schedule to log on at the same time every day so we wouldn’t miss each other.

We mainly chatted through yahoo instant messenger back then, but a few times a month we would also do a webcam chat too.

This went on for several months, then she finally started asking me to come visit her in the Philippines to meet her and her family.

Yahoo Message 1

Yahoo Message 2

Yahoo Message 3
After about 3 years in 2013 that’s exactly what i did!

I had finally saved up enough money, got some vacation time from work, and was on my way to the Philippines to see her now.

My trip to the Philippines

I remember when I finally had the trip all planned out, how excited and nervous I was — because I had never been out of the country before. My family and friends also felt the same way, and I reassured them i would message and video call them every single day.

After a very long plane trip ( it took around 22 hours to get there with the stop overs included ) I had finally landed in the Philippines!

Soon as I stepped off the plane I was greeted by my wife, along with her friends and family at the airport. They all welcomed me with open arms treated me like a long lost friend.

I have to tell you though it’s an amazing feeling after spending years talking to a girl you love online, and finally being able to be with her in person!

We wasted no time while there, and went to several different places during the week I was with them. It was so much fun eating new foods, visiting their beautiful beaches, and just experiencing what their culture was like.

plane trip

Plane Trip To Palawan

Palawan Trip


Island Hopping

Island Hopping

Eating Out

While there we even got engaged, and I bought us both new watches and promise rings.

Engagement Rings

Even though I was only there for a week, the time flew by and before I knew it I had to head back home.

I was sad that I had to leave, and couldn’t wait to bring her back to the United states to marry me in the future. So as soon as I got back home, I started the paper work in order for her to travel to the U.S.

I found out it usually takes several months to go through this process, but knew even though it was going to take a while it would be worth it in the end.

Her arriving here

After waiting 16 long months ( which felt like an eternity ) waiting on her visa and other documents for her enter the United States — the day finally came and she arrived!

She Arrived

Picking Her Up At The Airport

We both were so happy to be able to see each other again, and I think what made it even better is we knew this time we would not have to be separated ever again.

When she first got here I introduced her to my family, and showed her all around my city. While it was fun finally being able to do things again with her in person — we also had to hurry and start preparing for our wedding!

Part of the requirement of her visa was she had to get married within 3 months after entering the United States or she would be deported.

At first I was thinking we would just do a court wedding — but my family was able to find a church where we could get married at the last second.

They really helped me and my wife out. They helped her find a wedding dress, a new suite for me, found someone to make a cake, started getting decorations ready for the wedding, and the list could go on and on.

Before I knew it with everything going on the Wedding day had finally arrived!

Our Wedding

Talk about an amazing day. We had friends, family, and even a relative my wife knew all come to celebrate with us.

I was shocked at how many people turned up — because we gave out invitations out at the last second due to how busy we were.

As for me — I was a nervous wreck, but also extremely excited and happy. After 4 long years of dating her online — I was finally going to be able to call her my wife and be with her.

Wedding Picture 1

Wedding Picture 2

Wedding Picture 3

Everyone talked about what a nice wedding it was and what a great couple we both made. They made both me and my wife feel so special.

As happy and excited as I was that day — it was just the start of our amazing relationship.

The second we said “I do” — we’ve not slowed down one bit and have been going from one place to the next having an amazing time together.

We’ve have lots of Fun adventures together

As soon at the wedding and honeymoon were over, I couldn’t wait to take my wife and show her all around the country!

And that’s exactly what I did…

atlanta aquarium

atlanta aquarium / Selfie Pic

Snow Day

First Time Ever Seeing Snow / Looking For Crocodiles In A River

Beach Trip

Beach Trip

New Orleans

New Orleans / Ruby Falls

Valentine Date

Visiting Some Mountain Waterfalls / Going Out On A Date

We were actually going to so many places in such a short period of time — people began messaging us asking when and where our next trip was going to be.

They said they loved viewing our pictures we shared on social media and seeing all the fun we had together. And boy let me tell you we have had a lot of fun!

It has now been 3 years since we got married and I can still remember like it was yesterday. I feel so grateful and happy to have found my wife online — and look forward to the future as we grow together as a couple.

Couple Kissing

If you’re still single and wanting to find a girl/guy to date, whether it be on or offline — I hope after reading this post you will have a little more motivation and courage to do so.

I don’t know where or what I would be doing today if I never looked online for a girlfriend  and even more mustered of the courage to travel half way around the world to see her.

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If you have any questions or would like to comment about my relationship with my wife, leave me a comment below.

I’ll get back with you as soon as I can. 🙂

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