Philippine Scams – How To Spot and Avoid a Scammer

Many men now a days flock to the internet in hopes of finding an exotic beauty, like a filipina — but are warned of all the Philippine Scams that occur online.

With girls being desperate for money overseas, combined with being able to create a fake profile in a matter of seconds — you can start to understand why there are so many scammers in the dating world.

While this can be scary to think of, don’t let it stop you from finding a nice filipina to date and love.

Let me first start off by showing you how you can dodge these type of girls — and start talking to the honest ones.

Philippine Scams

How To Interact With Less Scammers

I wish I could tell you there was a way to eliminate scammers all together online — but sadly you are going to come across one sooner or later. There is though, ways to help reduce your chances of speaking with one.

Check The Dating Site

The very first thing you want to do before you go looking for a date online, is to check and make sure the website you want to join is legit.

A proper dating site is going to have information like, “contact section”, “about section”, and “physical address or phone number.” Also it should look professional — and not like something that was just thrown together.

By doing this check beforehand, you can avoid many scammers who will sign up to as many possibly dating sites as they can

Check Their Identity

Once you’ve found yourself a good dating website, the next step you want to do is check the identity of the person you want to communicate with.

Most scammers WILL NOT take the time to fill out their profile properly, and whatever they do have on there will probably be something very general. It’s usually quite easy to tell the difference between these scammers compared to the profiles of girls really looking for love.

If you are still not quite sure if she’s real or not — you can always ask her some questions that goes along with her profile. From here, It’s pretty easy to tell if she’s lying or not because she will not be able to keep up with your questions.


Last but not least, after you’ve done those 2 steps — the best way to check if you are talking to a scammer is through a webcam. What better way to catch a scammer then physically seeing them right?

“You can check out my recent post here, as to why talking through webcam is so beneficial.”

Scammers usually like to lie about their age, how they look, and just general things about themselves. If you ask to video chat, and they have several reasons why you can’t see them — then they more than likely they are hiding something from you.

Say though, you’ve signed up to a dating site, checked the profiles of the girls you want talk with, but are not ready to video message yet? How can you tell if your talking to a scammer, and what kind of signals should you be looking out for?

Let me give you some of the more popular ways you can tell if a girl is after your heart, or just trying to take advantage of you.

How To Spot A Scammer

Scammers online nowadays have many ways into luring you into a trap where they will usually end up asking you for money.

I want cover the 3 main ways scammers ( particularly filipina girls) like to trick you — so you know what to look out for in the future.

They Have Lots Of Emergencies

Many filipina scammers like to play with your emotion — and one of the things they love to do is make you feel sorry for them. While many people in the Philippines really are in need of help — scammers like to come up with many scenarios why they need money right there and then.


For example, there country is hit with many typhoons every year — so a common story they might say is their house got flooded and they now need money for simple furniture and food.

Another excuse she could tell you, is she is just getting out of highschool, and now needs money to enter a very nice college. This will usually be followed up by some kind of urgency like — sign up only last a couple more days so I need the money now or I can not go.

As you can see both examples show how they make you feel guilty and try to make you send money as soon as possible. On top of that, if you say you “might try to help” or “will” send money — you can expect in the very near future for them to ask for extra money like on books, transportation, or just something small.

So as you begin chatting with filipinas online, if they start out their first conversation by telling you a bunch of sob stories and that they need your help, move on to the next one.

They Fall In Love Fast

The next type of filipina you need to be on the lookout for, are the ones that tend to be extra flirty and sexy at the beginning of your conversations.

Philippine women are beautiful and they know it ( just ask my wife haha.) So they like to take advantage of this and pretend they are very interested in you after seeing your picture and talking to you for 5 mins.


Usually if you continue this conversation with these types of girls — they will say things like they love you and need money, so they can come visit you in your home country. Let me tell you if you give them money 90% of the time she is not going to visit you — and if by some miracle she does, whatever kind of relationship you have will probably end very quickly.

Most filipinas I know, are very modest and won’t be talking sexy or flirty towards you, let alone asking for money to visit you in your home country. They will at least wait until you two start to develop a relationship before she does any of this.

What Did She Just Say?

As you start messaging more and more girls throughout your online dating experience — every so often you might get some messages that make no sense to you. While this could be a simple mistake on the girls part, it is also a sign that you may be talking to a scammer as well.

Scammers usually like to talk to multiple guys to increase their odds of getting money out of someone. With her keeping up with several different conversations all at once — you can see why it’s quite easy for her to a message to the wrong guy.

Also if you happen to be webcaming with a girl, pay close attention to when she is typing and when she’s not. Many of them like to cut and paste the same message to every guy.

So if she is typing something sweet to you and she has her hands on her face or is chatting with someone in the same room, and you still see messages being sent while she does this — chances are she’s not really paying attention to you.

I don’t know about you, but it’s a big turn off knowing the girl your talking too has 5 to 10 other guys she’s also talking too at the same time. This also should remind you that she is probably not looking for a date but after other things such as money.

Keep In Mind They Are From A Third World Country

While the aim of this post is to educate and help you avoid filipina scammers — you also have to remember that the girls you are talking too come from a very poor country. Many of them have a hard lifestyle, and money can be hard to come by there.


However, most filipinas will not be after your money. If they do ask you for some, explain to them that you too have to work hard for your money and have bills to pay, leaving you with no extra cash to send them. Most of them will understand and won’t keep bringing up the subject after that.

While there are many filipinas out there truly looking for a guy to date or love — the sad part is the few scammers that are online make it where you have to take precautions.

Remember always make sure you sign up to a legitimate dating sites, like filipino cupid, and check the profile of each girl you talk too. Also as you begin chatting with more and more filipinas, look out for the ones who have lots of sob stories to tell you, start off real flirty and sexy, and ones that don’t really seem to be paying attention to you.

I hoped this has helped clarify a few things about Filipina scammers. Have you ever been scammed before online? Maybe you have some more questions regarding this topic?

Leave me a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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