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Pinalove is a dating website dedicated to helping you find a filipino partner.

When you first lay eyes on it, you will notice how simple looking it is compared to majority of other dating sites that have lots of pictures and ads on their homepage.

The only option you have when you first click on their site, is to create a new account. As of right now the only way you can do this is my entering an email account and password — maybe later on though they will have different ways like going through Facebook.

Let me continue by getting into a little more details about this website and see if this might be something you would like or not.

Pinalove Review

What It’s About

As I mentioned earlier this site is geared toward helping you find a filipno partner.

The nice thing about this site is it’s only focus is on Philippine people. Other websties tend to add Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other asian people into their websites. So if a filipino person is what you’re after, then you will definitely find them here.

This site as you will notice very quickly is all about simplicity. There’s not a lot of fancy features and addons once you log in — but the few features they do have are basic ones that will help you narrow down the type of person you are looking for.

What I found interesting that I’ve not seen on other websites is when you are searching for either a boy or girl to date — they also have a third option for a lady-boy.

Lady Boy

If you happen to not know what a lady boy is (I know I didn’t when i first heard about them) these are basically boys that have completely turned themselves into girls!

It supposedly really big in the Philippines and the boys take it very seriously — from growing their hair out very long all the way to having surgery to make themselves more feminine.

So if they do not sound like the type of person you want to be dating — just be careful when you’re searching around on here and make sure it’s an actual girl your talking too and not a lady-boy.

As far as the real girls go, you will find many beautiful filipinas on here, but most their profiles are very basic leaving you with not a lot of information in order to get to know them.

Also for some reason a majority of the girls seem to come from either Manila or Cebu when you look up where their from. Why this is I’m not entirely sure, perhaps these are two of the more populated places in the country where girls can access the internet.

Now that I’ve given you a brief overview of what this site is about — let me jump right into things and show you what it’s like on the inside.

The Features

Once your logged in you will also notice how simple their layout is and how easy you can navigate your way around.

At the very top of the page you got 3 main tabs which are Browse, Mail, and List. As the names suggest browse lets you look at different people on their website, mail is where you can read and send emails to members, and list is where you go to save your favorite selections.

PinaLove Features

Right below these tabs you will notice a filter allowing you to find people based on very specific traits. A few of these traits are…

  • Choosing between boys, girls, or lady-boys
  • Age
  • What city there from
  • Photo or No photo
  • If they have children or not
  • And height

The only two features I saw you can’t use unless you upgrade is knowing their height and weight — besides that you can narrow them down however you see fit.

Next up I want to talk about your profile and the many features that goes along with it.

Your Profile Settings

To access your profile you simply will click in the top right hand corner of the website where you see your username, then click Edit Profile.

From here you have several choices as to what you can do.

The first and more obvious one is you can change or add your profile picture here — as well as update any information about yourself you want to. A great thing they also allow you to do is add as many pictures as you want, where as some other sites only allow a few.

Now when you look to the right of here is when things really start to get interesting. Here you can change some settings to make your experience easier and more enjoyable while you’re looking for a date.

Profile Settings

There are 5 main tabs. 4 of them you can access if your a free member then then last is for premium members only. Let me explain to you what each one is and how it can help you.

  1. Profile  Visibility– Here is where you can choose who you want to see your profile. You can either let males, females, or lady-boys view you — or block a certain sex say males if you are only interested in finding a female.
  2. Comment control– When you first sign up anyone is allowed to comment on your profile or pictures you add. From here you can either turn off your comments alltogether, or moderate and allow the comments you like to be posted.
  3. Block List– If someone is annoying you or for whatever reason you don’t want to see them anymore you can block them. Here you can view which people you blocked.
  4. Hide List – This is similar to blocking someone but not entirely the same. When you decide to hide someone, it removes them from all your list like last visitors and search interest. However, you can still see and talk to each other normally if you want.
  5. Premium Option – If you ever deicede to upgrade to a monthly plan with them, then from here you access a cool few features like being in offline mode even if you’re online, or allowing your messages to appear at the top of other people’s inboxes.

All in all these tabs combined with the search function on the homepage can really help you out when looking for your ideal partner.

What Is The Cost To Upgrade?

Pinalove has 4 different options to choose from if you decide to go premium.

  1. Every Month = 24.95
  2. Every 3 months = 49.95
  3. Every 6 months = 69.95
  4. Every Year = 99.95

The great thing is you will get the same benefits such as unlimited messaging and advance search options, no matter which one you pick.

If you do decide to upgrade, I highly recommend you choose the yearly option that equals out to 8.33/month! It will be hard to find a better deal than that.

What I liked

  • When signing up you don’t have to give lots of detailed information and it takes on a few seconds to complete.
  • The site is very easy to navigate
  • Geared towards only Philippine people and not other Asian countries
  • If you’re ever on the go, they also have a mobile app you can download

What I didn’t like

  • It does not show the number of users online — which makes you wonder exactly how active is their site?
  • Many profiles are short, making it harder for you to narrow down your selection as well as getting to know them beforehand.
  • Can only talk to one person at a time if you’re a free member.
  • Many people have said they’ve noticed many scammers on this site pretending to be someone they are not. For example, there’s lots of reviews saying profiles are written in 3rd person, which is a tale tale sign that they are a scammer.

Who Is This For?

People who are ONLY interested in Philippine people — be it boys, girls, or ladyboys. With their filter options and other features you can narrow down the type of person you want fairly quickly.

Final Review

Pinalove has a couple things that I liked about it.

For one, the simplicity of its design and easy navigability make it to where anyone who joins will not get confused. Also with a yearly plan of around 8 dollars a month you can become premium without having to spend a lot of money.

There are also some major drawbacks that you may want to consider as well before joining.

With them not displaying the number of users they have online, it’s hard to tell if this site is still buzzing or is slowly fading out against some of the other bigger names. If so this can make finding someone much more difficult.

Also with all complaints I read about the scammers on this site it sounds like it can be quite a headache to sort through both the real and fake profiles.

I personally don’t think I would have the patience to do that — but if you are someone who doesn’t mind taking your time to find a nice filipino boy girl or lady-boy then I’d say give this site a shot. 

If your’re like me though and want a site that is more trustworthy and also has helped thousands of people find a filipino partner — check out my review about about Filipino Cupid and see what you think.

So what do you think about Pinalove? Do you have any other questions or concerns that I’ve not covered? Maybe, you or someone you know has tried this site out — and would like share what the experience was like?

Leave me a comment below, and I’ll be happy to get back with you as soon as possible as well as read any stories or encounters you’ve had with this site too.

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