The Benefits Of Online Webcam Dating

Dating online is definitely a great way to meet new people around the world, and is becoming more popular with each year passing. However, online webcam dating is what really makes finding a partner online so much fun!

Sure getting spontaneous text from a girl is nice and all — but there’s nothing quite like setting up a video date and being able to speak with her face to face.

In today’s post, I want to give you some of the main advantages I believe online webcam dating has to offer.

Online Webcam Dating

Safer Way of Dating

In the online dating world, you’re going to meet lots of nice pretty girls — however not all of them are what they appear. What I mean by this is, there are some girls out there who will use fake pictures and profiles for several different reasons when they sign up to these dating sites.

The benefit of video chatting with a girl is you can know without a doubt that the person who you’ve been talking with is actually that person, and not someone else.

Also some girls tend to lie about their age — so even if it is the person you thought it was, she might be a lot younger or older then what she originally said — which again through a video chat you could determine if she was telling the truth or not.


Another great thing about webcam dating, is you know no one can physically hurt you so it makes it a much more comfortable and safer environment to talk in.

There are always those times when you could slip up and say the wrong thing, resulting in her pouring wine on your head, or giving you a slap on the face. This way of dating though lets you avoid that altogether which helps you learn from your mistakes until the next time you decide to go on a date.

More Enjoyable Experience

Texting with a girl is a lot of fun — I did it for 4 years with my wife! Let me tell you though, every so often when we would have a video date, it made the experience 10 times better.

The first and more obvious reason chatting through video is so much more enjoyable, is you get to physically see them and hear them speak. Most filipinas i know “including my wife :)” are very beautiful — so I believe you will be pleasantly surprised once you lay eyes on them.

Enjoyable Experience

It is also fun to listen to them talk, because they may describe things sometimes differently than you might of.

For example, whenever I need to use the restroom or wash my hands I will say I’m going to the bathroom — however when I spoke to my wife she would say she needs to go to the CR. I remember looking puzzled asking what that was and she told me the “comfort room” — because after you go in there you leave feeling comfortable.  

So, as you can see while you continue chatting with different girls through video — you will start notice little things like how they pronounce something or how they might call something totally different from what you’re use to.

More Natural Way Of Talking

The great thing about webcam dates is, you finally get to speak to the person you’ve been chatting with as if they are sitting right next to you. When you are just texting to one another, there’s no such thing as awkward silences, stuttering sentences, or being at a total loss of words.

You have to communicate with them easily and clearly without “having to think” of what you should say, in hopes what you tell her is the response she is looking for. Also, as you continue to talk with her — you will start to pick up on her body language, depending on what you tell her.

Did you know that according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, the author of Silent Messages — that 7% of messages are conveyed through words? 38% of the message is communicated through certain vocal elements, and the other 55% is through non verbal elements like facial expressions and posture!

Non Verbal Communication

I don’t know about you but it seem’s you can know a lot about a person without them even having to speak!

I know for me, my wife will squinch up her nose when she reads something she doesn’t like — or if she is thinking real hard about something she’ll rest her finger on her lips. It’s the little things like this they really let you get to know the person you’re talking with :).

Their Reactions are Priceless

Along with being able to speak with someone like they are are right in front of you, you can also express your feeling much more effectively through video.

In text messaging whenever you find something funny you usually write “lol” — or if you find something amazing or shocking you’ll say “wow!”

When you can get a girl to laugh on camera, seeing her happy is so much more satisfying than just reading words like “rofl”, or “lol.” Usually when I make my wife laugh, even if I am having a bad day I can’t help but smile and feel in a better mood thanks to her.

Not only is it enjoyable to make girls laugh — but seeing their reaction to almost anything is priceless.

If the girls you speak with are anything like my wife, then they usually can be scared or amazed quite easily. I find it fun to sometimes show her a scary clip and hear her scream or watch her close her eyes as the video is playing.

If I don’t feel like scaring her — I also love showing her shocking or amazing things just to see her reaction. It will usually be something like a person doing a very cool stunt or showing cool things that happen around the world like meteor showers.

Either way, as much as I loved getting messages from my wife (and still do) nothing beats seeing her face and hearing her voice on a webcam.

In Conclusion

When it comes to dating online, as convenient and fun it is to get a text message from a pretty girl — nothing can compare once you actually start talking through video calls.

Webcam dating can offer you a safer environment to talk with girls, makes getting to know her more fun, and lets you express yourself in a more natural and better way.

What do you think about webcam dates? Is it something you enjoy doing more often than texting? Do you think video dates will be the future of the online dating world?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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