The top characteristics of filipino women that every man should know

It is no doubt that Filipino women are among the more popular choice for men all around the world. When you first filipino women characteristicslay eyes on them, it’s very easy to grow attracted to them due to their foreign beauty and loving personality.

However, most men really do not know much about them. I know when I first met my wife, I learned a lot about her in the short week I spent with her and her family.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that besides their good looks and sweet smile, the characteristics of filipino women is what really make them the most desirable girlfriends and wives.

Very hospitable


One of the first qualities you will notice when you’re around a Filipina is their warm and welcoming nature. They will kind of remind of you a waitress when you go to sit down at a restaurant — asking you if you are hungry, and if there is anything they can do to make you feel more comfortable.

I’ll never forget the first night I arrived in the Philippines my wife and her family met me and we all went to a condo. It was a small room with 1 bed and 1 couch. Before I could even finish unpacking my bags, they started preparing a meal for me and told me that I would be sleeping on the bed the whole time I was there.

Their warm nature didn’t stop there. The whole time I was there they offered pay for my meals, bought me gifts, and whenever I met another member of her family they acted like I was a long lost friend they were very happy to see.

Talk about being treated as a king!

They are bright


You will be happy to know that if you decide to date a filipina, most of them are very smart unlike a typical “dumb blonde” you could find elsewhere in the world. This might be partly due to the fact that they live in a 3rd world country — so they learn early on in life they must have a good education if they want to get a decent paying job.

When you first speak with a Filipina you will notice that their english is very good. This is because by the time Philipine women finish their primary school, it is not uncommon for them to already know 3 languages — the two major ones being their native one and English.

Besides from being very smart, Filipinos are some of the hardest workers you will ever meet. These two traits make them excel in many fields more than other people, but also make them excellent partners to have around the house or apartment.

A typical day for my wife is her going to her first job, coming home for an hour cooking me a very delicious meal, then quickly changing to go to her second job. She kinda reminds me of the energizer bunny, who keeps going and going.

An interesting fact that I think make filipinos even more amazing, is they are responsible for many inventions. 3 items that you will probably recognize are the 16 bit microchip, the medical incubator, and the Yoyo.

So if you ever want to try make something easier, or just plain better  — chances are a Filipino probably can make a item to do just that!

Great at handling money


Something you will quickly realize about Filipinos is they LOVE to shop!

Now before you get alarmed thinking your bank account is going to get drained if you date a filipina girl — I can assure you the exact opposite is what usually happens. Filipinas love going to thrift stores and outlet stores to find clothes and accessories that are much cheaper than regular stores.

This is probably because in the middle of manilla is a market called Divisoria. It has a wide arrangement of goods where they can go to bargain and haggle prices to get the best deals. By growing up to this type of shopping, Filipinas can easily make a dollar go a long way.

Last year when I was still with comcast I remember the internet bill kept fluctuating going up one month then down the next. Well needless to say my wife was not happy, after I tried several attempts to call them and sort it all out. To my surprise after she had enough, she picked up the phone and within 5 minutes had our bill the lowest it’s ever been, and had it stay there the rest of the year.

All I can say is don’t ever to try to outsmart a Filipina when it comes to money… you will lose every single time!



Filipinos usually face many challenges and obstacles in their life, resulting in them having to come up with creative ways to work out a solution. They can easily use leftover scraps and materials and turn it into something brand new, or figure out how to replace or fix something that are currently working on.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a very handy person when it comes to fixing things around my house. Luckily I got my wife, who is constantly creating things or trying make things look better — like making old furniture look brand new again, or creating decorations from scratch.

It’s also nice having a Filipino when it becomes the holiday season or someone’s birthday. Back in the day I would always wonder what to get people, which usually ended up with me spending lots of money on things I was not even sure they would like — but now most our gifts to people are ones my wife makes from scratch helping me save a pretty penny and frustration of shopping!

They are very clingy


The great thing about Filipinos is when you two are in a relationship she will not be afraid to show it. I can’t even go into the grocery store to buy some milk, without my wife all over me — hugging and kissing me every few minutes.

It can even get to the point however where they can become a little jealous in your relationship, but in a cute way.  

For example, my wife will be texting people and reading facebook all day — but the second my phone beeps she drops everything she’s doing to read it,  like it’s top news or something. I also quickly found out that bringing up any place I went in the past with an ex girlfriend is just big no no. She will refuse to eat or go anywhere I went to in the past with another girl, even if it was 10 years ago!

For some I know this may sound like a headache, but I find it reassuring — seeing her express how much she loves me by doing these little things in our relationship.


As you can tell, Filipinas are like a all in one package. They are very pretty to look at, with even more amazing qualities and characteristics to make them even more attractive! It’s going to be hard to find this type of girl right down the road from you, if you are serious about looking for a real relationship.

After learning a little bit more about Filipinas, I would like to hear what you have to say about them. Do you have any more questions you’d like answered, or want me to elaborate on more of what I’ve just said? Please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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