Tips For How To Meet A Girl Online And Become More Successful At It

How To Meet A Girl Online

How many of you go online every day praying this will be the time “Ms. Right” is going to message and fall deeply in love with you?

I’m even willing to bet when you see hundreds of men hooking up with Filipina girls, leaving you with no one — you start to think they have some secret formula to meeting these exotic beauties.

Let me tell you right now … there is NO quick, guaranteed, or secret way on how to meet a girl online.

The reason many guys like yourself are having a hard time, is that you are making simple mistakes which turns girls quickly away from you.

You may be wondering exactly what is it that you’re doing wrong?

Well, let me jump right into things and help you see where you’re falling short, so by this time next week you will have all the ladies messaging you. 😉

Stay on one site


One of the major mistakes I see many people do, is they will jump from one dating site to the next in hopes they are going to see different results.

While in theory this may sound like a good plan by doing this, you will actually decrease your chances a lot!

What you got to understand is that women, believe it or not, are reading your profile and messages even if they are not messaging you back.

They could simply just have gotten distracted and started shopping on amazon, then completely forgot to message you even though they had every intention of doing so. Or they could just of been having a bad day and weren’t in the mood to talk.

Either way, if you were hopping from site to site — there is no way for you to know if a girl you messaged which whom you found interesting, felt the same way about you because you had already moved on to something else.

So my advice to you, is find one site you enjoy — and stick with only that one.

Do Not Shotgun Your Selections


A common way guys seem to find girls online, is they scroll through hundreds of attractive girls a week and send as many messages as they can — in hopes one of them will respond.

Let me ask you a question. How many of you have read the subject lines of your spam email? It all looks quite the same and boring right?

Well this is exactly what girls see when you copy and paste messages to them like, “hey I’m single and 30 — want to talk?” The first thing they’re going to do is click DELETE, and move on to another message that looks far less spammy.

So instead of sending mass text out to random girls — I would suggest you pick say 15 – 20 girls a week you want to get to know, then actually start reading their profiles so you can get to know the type of person they are.

Find out what she likes, what she doesn’t like, what her hobbies are, if she has pets… and so on and so forth. By taking just a few mins out of your time doing this, you can send messages and subjects she can relate to and enjoy reading.

Have a great profile

Great Profile

One of the most important things you can do in the online dating world is to have a good profile page. Sadly if a girl finds your profile boring or unappealing — she will skip on to the next guy, even though you could of been exactly what she is looking for.

Lets look at an example real quick to help you better understand what I mean.

OK profile: I’m a 31 year old man who enjoys traveling to new places.

Great profile: Hey there, I’ve just recently turned 31 — and am enjoying every minute of it. While I love traveling, sadly I have never been to the Philippines and have heard it has some of the best beaches in the world! Being a huge beach lover myself — I can’t wait to travel there and experience it, as well as meet some new and amazing people along the way.

See how different these two profiles I just showed you are?

The great profile example, connects emotionally to the girls that live in the Philippines — as it compliments their country and overall seems more cheerful to read.

Keep this in mind as you create your profile, and try to make it uplifting, and fun to read.Trust me, you will start getting a lot more clicks on your page if you do this!

Make Yourself Easy On The Eyes

Beautiful Eyes

What I mean by this, is when you are trying to meet a girl online — remember that they cannot physically see, touch, or hear you (unless you’re talking on a webcam). Therefore, everything you do should be aimed to visually please their sense of sight.

Two great ways you can go about doing this, is to make sure you have a great profile image and that when you send messages you are using correct grammar and spelling.

The Picture

Yes I know, like i said just a few moments ago your profile page plays a huge role in determining if a girl is going to start talking to you or not. So when you choose a picture to put on there make sure you’re using a high end camera to get a quality image. Also remember to have a bright nice smile as well. 🙂

Most smartphones now a days have excellent cameras — so all you really have to do is make yourself look presentable to the girls viewing you.

Your Grammar And Spelling

Nothing is more of a turnoff for girls, than them having to struggle to understand what you are trying to say to them.

She wants to be told nice sweet things, and stories that will make her laugh. If she has to go back every second to re read what she just saw, then no matter how nice or funny you may think you are — she will lose all interest in you.

The good thing is spelling is quite easy to fix since all computers have spell check, and for the grammar part, it’s just a matter of taking your time and correctly type out what you want to say — and perhaps even re read what you just wrote to double check yourself.

Remember when you’re looking for a girl you usually are looking for a good looking one, and one you can communicate well with — so put yourself in their shoes, as they too want a good looking guy they can talk with.

In Summary

So anytime you want to meet a girl online, having great luck or a special formula is not the secret way to find them.

Make sure you pick one site you enjoy and stick with it. Connect with girls you find interesting, then find out more about them so you can have something in common to talk about, and also offer a great picture and well written messages for them to read.

If  you do this and stay persistent — eventually you will have more than enough girls talking with you. All you have to do now is decide which one you want to date the most and go for it!

If you are serious about meeting a filipina online — I highly recommend this.

I know it can be hard or confusing to meet girls online, so if you have any questions or concerns please leave me a comment below and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

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