Top 3 Ways On How To Transfer Money To The Philippines

In today’s post I want to help you by showing you 3 ways I believe are the best on how to transfer money to the Philippines.

How To Transfer Money To The Philippines

First thing I want to make absolutely clear though is if you have just recently started talking to a filipina online, or you’ve only known her for a few weeks and she ask you for money — DO NOT send her any.

While she may give you a very reasonable explanation as to why she needs some money, sending money in the early stages of a relationship or getting to know someone will more than likely just cause problems down the road to come.

On the flip side though — if you have been dating a girl online for quite sometime or like me you are married to one, sending money abroad is not uncommon.

Therefore to help save you time and money let me get into things and show you my top 3 choices for sending money to the Philippines.

Western Union

Western Union

Western Union is a company I’m sure everyone has heard about and seen at some point — and for good reason. They have built a very trustworthy service for sending money worldwide, with thousands of locations across the globe.

By not needing a membership, and being able to send and receive money instantly makes them one of the best choices for sending money to the Philippines. Anywhere from sending birthday money, some cash to help with a christmas gift, or just to help someone with their bills becomes very easy.

The only 2 drawback I have to say about this company, is the small fee you will be charged based on how much money you send — and the fact you may have to wait in a line if you physically want to go out and send money in person.

Pay Pal

Pay pal

Next up I want to talk about Pay pal.

This by far is one of the most popular and easiest ways to transfer money anywhere in the world — and that included the Philippines.

I believe this all boils down to it being also one of the safest ways to send money abroad. They are guaranteed against fraud, and are also guaranteed of having unauthorized payments come from your account.

Another advantage to using Payal is it’s all online. This saves you time from waiting in long lines to transfer money — as long as you have access to a computer or smartphone you can send money from anywhere you like.

The two disadvantages I have found with using Paypal is, the money you send could take a few days to get there. So make sure the person you are sending too isn’t in need of it right away.

The next one is the possibility of your accounts getting frozen due to suspicious activity. While this does not occur too often without a good reason — just know it might happen and could delay you for a little bit if it does.

Other than that, a quick email signup is all you really need and you will be on your way just like that.



This third one you may not have heard of (I know I didn’t until I did a little bit of research).

Transferwise is a newer company that started back in 2011. Now 6 years later it has over 1 million customers, sending around 100 million a month in currency, and has over 645 currency routes across the globe.

The biggest advantage to using this company compared to the other 2, is the low transfer rates it has. When I saw low, I mean from .5 – 1%. It even has a calculator on the homepage showing you how much the recipient is going to get, and exactly how much you will be charged with the fee included.

They have quickly become a company to trust, as they have no hidden fees and all their payments arrive on time if not sooner than scheduled. Also like Paypal — there online, which means no waiting in long lines to have to send your money.

The only disadvantage I found with this company, is sending large amounts of money can take some time, and if its very large they will not be able to do it at all. So unless you’re rich and sending large amount of money every month — I don’t see this being a big problem.

Which One Is The Best Choice?

In all honesty it really comes down to what you decide.

There are hundreds of  companies offering to help you send money abroad like to the Philippines — but I believe if you stick to one of these choices I mention in this post you can’t go wrong.

All three companies have great advantages and some disadvantages. You just have to see which one suits your needs the most and pick the one that works out the best for you.

Have you used any of these companies to send money to someone before? Leave a comment below and let me know how it was, I’d love to read all about it.

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