What Is The Cost Of Living In The Philippines?

If you ever plan on staying in the the Philippines for a period of time, you might start to wonder what is the cost of living in the Philippines?

Luckily for you, Philippines is a fairly cheap place to live. If you make a simple income almost anywhere else in the world — this can allow you to live quite comfortably there.

The most current exchange rate as of 2017 for US dollar to Philippine peso is, ( $1 = 50.26 PHP ).

Of course if you live in the heart of a big city like Philippine’s capital Manila it will cost a little more — but for this article I’m going to give a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay in general while living there.

What Is The Cost Of Living In The Philippines


When it comes to deciding where you want to live in the Philippines, you have many choices to choose from. You can buy a house, rent a condo, live in the city, or live out somewhere rural.

I would probably look for a nice apartment to rent out if I just got there, that way I could leave and travel somewhere else at a moment’s notice.

A quick word of advice though, if you do happen to rent make sure to take plenty of pictures beforehand — that way you can be sure to get your security deposit back.

  • 1 bedroom apartment ( In City ): $300 / month
  • 1 bedroom apartment ( Outside City ): $ 120 / month
  • Very upscale apartment with lots of features and additions: $500+ / month

Even when I stayed there for a week, I rented a nice condo near Manila for about 125 a night — which I thought was not too bad.

Philippine Apartment


The cost of your utilities are quite affordable, and can really help you save money while living in the Philippines. I know my electric bill here in the US, would cover everything and then some if I was living over there.

  • Electricity, heating, Garbage, and Water: $74 a month
  • Internet: $40
  • Prepaid phone: $0.14 / minute

Since all these bills are probably going to be the same price each month — it makes it easy to set a budget around them.


Whether you like going out to eat often, cooking at home, or want to grab a quick street food snack, you can expect to eat a good deal and not have to worry about spending too much in the process.

Of course cooking at home is still going to be cheaper overall, but going out to eat a few times a week is very doable.

Inexpensive Restaurant: $3.00
Meal for 2 at a nicer restaurant: $14.00
Fast Food like Mcdonalds: $2.00
Average Grocery Bill: $150 (low end ) $300 ( high end )
Street food: $2.00

I found while there, I was able to eat a whole lot ( including going out to eat everyday ) and not spend a huge amount. This was also paying for my wife and some of her friends too.

Also, I remember how amazing their food tasted… I’m not sure if because their foods fresher than here in the US, But I’m looking forward going back to try some new dishes.


This is one thing Philippine really shines at, which is offering cheap and reliable transportation to everyone there.

You can buy your own car if you want too — but to be honest, with how crazy the drivers and traffic are.. you’re better off just using a public transportation service.

Taking a Jeepney ( which is looks like a real long jeep ) will probably be your cheapest and easiest way to get around. We used this a couple times a day while I was there, going from place to place.


You also have other services like taxis, and scooters, which are also very cheap. I was able to ride all 3 of them, and would say the scooter was the most fun out of them all.

Jeepney: $.15 / mile
Taxi: $.48 / mile
Scooter: $4 / day


The Philippines is full of lots of fun and wonderful things to do when you’re there. With beaches around every corner, and clubs along almost every street — you can expect to have a great time.

Also if you’re one who loves drinking, your going to love being in the Philippines that much more. There alcohol is very cheap — and everywhere you go, you will see people drinking at almost any time of the day.

Island hopping ( including lunch ): $30
kayaking: $35
Scuba diving: $20 – $60
Club Entry Fee: $5 Club drinks: $3
Domestic Beer (.5 liter bottle ): $0.81
Wine: $6
Movies: $4

I guess there’s a reason they always say “ More Fun In The Philippines” — as there is so many fun things for you to do.


Other Cost

As with anyone, you’re going to have random cost come up that you either can’t help, or just have an impulse to buy — like coffee.

So here are a few items that I listed off the top of my head, that I believe the average person would go out and spend money on.

Cappuccino: $2
Doctor’s visit: $40 – $100 max
Cigarettes: $2
Water bottle: $0.70
Clothing per item: $20 – $50
Shoes: $50 – $70

Total Cost Of Everything

If you’ve never been to the Philippines, you’re really missing out.

Whether you want to stay there for a few days, or live there longer like several months — you can live quite comfortably and have lots of fun without breaking your bank.

Here is my total sum of what an average month in the Philippines would cost you:

Housing ( Utilities Included ): $400
Food: $350
Transportation: $70
Entertainment: $200
Miscellaneous Items: $200

Total: $1,220

This budget right here, will allow you to live both comfortably while there, and also have lots of money to go out and have fun with.

More Fun In The Philippines

If you would like to view Philippines most current prices on other items, click here to view their cost of living as of 2017.

What are your thoughts about living in the Philippines? Is it somewhere you would like to stay at for a few weeks, or maybe a place where you would like to be at a year or more?

Let me know in the comments below. Also if you have any additional questions please feel free to leave me a message — and I’ll get back with you very shortly.

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