Why dating Filipino girls is a good choice

If you’re like me back in the day, you have probably been trying to find a girl to date that lives in your area for a
quite some time. After spending what seems like months and still being single,
you turn to the internet to see if you can have better luck at finding one online.

After doing a quick Google search, you will probably find more men wanting to date women from the Philippines. But what makes them so special you may be asking?

dating Filipino girls

There are several reasons, why you should consider dating Filipino girls. Lets start off with one of the more obvious ones.

Filipinos are very beautiful

It is not uncommon for some men to instantly fall in love when they first see a Filipino girl. Their tan skin, dark hair, and slender body, make them some of the most beautiful women in the world. As a matter of fact Filipino women were considered the the prettiest in the world this year. In the Miss Universe 2016 pageant Philippines came out as number 1, with around 50 other different countries competing!

This goes to show you that you can’t go wrong in terms of beauty if choose to be with a Filipino girl.

pia wurtzbach

They have amazing personalities

Filipino girls have an extremely fun and positive outlook of life. You will find it very hard to ever get bored or stay sad around one, they are kinda like the energizer bunny always wanting to go and explore new places or try new things.

Not only do they keep excitement in your life, but they are also brought up to be very calm in nature. Unlike most western women who seem to yell and fight when things don’t go according to their plan, most Filipinos stay quite and try to resolve the issue without making a big fuss about it.

I guess this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise when their country gets hit with several typhoons a year, making them have to act quickly to keep their belongings and life safe.

I remember one year I was talking to my wife on skype, and she showed me the outside of her window. I told her wow that’s a big river. She quickly laughed and told me that it was not a river, but was if fact was a street beside her house! It was amazing how she could still smile and keep her cool, with everything going on around her.

So if your looking for a girl that can keep you on your toes, and at the same time know how to stay calm when things fall apart – dating a Filipino would be a wise choice.

Are very caring of people they know

One of their best attributes, is Filipinos treat people with the up-most respect and love. For example, if you happen to become friends with one, you can expect to receive some kind of gift or food on a regular basis. They view gift giving as a way to express their feelings (love, and happiness) toward you.

Filipinos thoughtfulness not only extends toward the people in their life, but also the surroundings they live in.

I have to admit that I can be kind of slob when it comes to picking up and keeping my house in order. I can expect though for my wife to cook for me, wash my clothes, and do general cleaning every day without me even asking her. Even if I try to help her at times, her usual response is she enjoys doing these things for me.

I imagine if your like most other guys in the world, when you view the perfect girl in your life, she is probably doing one if not all these on a constant basis for you.

Marriage is important

Filipinos are very religious, with 86% of Philippines population being Catholic. According to Catholic religion, once a women marries a man, they are not allowed to divorce! Unlike many other cultures where women are fooling around with a lot of different other men, Filipinos stick with their husband through thick and then.

I know most of you here are just wanting to find an awesome girl to date and be with, but it’s a comforting feeling to know if things do get serious in the future you want have to worry about her fooling around with some other guy.

Are Filipinos catching your interest?

When you first started searching for a girl online, I’m betting your main thought was to find an attractive girl. While that is important, after learning about all these qualities Filipinos have, I bet you can start to see why they are so sought after.

I’m interested to know, have you talked to any Filipinos yet online? Or maybe you would like to know a little bit more about them? Feel free to leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

2 Replies to “Why dating Filipino girls is a good choice”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing. I am a female, so I haven’t looked for female love. However, as a teen my type of guy I found I was attracted to was filipino guys. However, I was always too shy to tell them I liked them.

    As I got older, I met my husband online unintentionally. I was living alone and I would chat with people sometimes and he happened to message me.

    So, I started talking to him. And years later, we’re still married. He isn’t filipino. If filipino men different from filipino women?


    1. Wow that’s so cool how you two got together and met!

      From what I have found out, filipino men and women are not that much different. They are both fun to talk to and have great personalities.

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