Why Do Filipino Women Like Older Men?

Why Do Filipino Women Like Older Men

When you ask most girls their ideal type of man, you probably think they’ll say they want someone who is young, attractive, and has a good sense of humor.  However in the Philippines, it is very common to see girls with men twice their age and be very happy.

So exactly why do filipino women like older men?

I can’t speak for every filipina woman — but I can cover some of the more common reasons why they choose to be with someone who is older than themselves.

Older Men Are More Secure and Stable



One of the more common reason you’ll see a filipina date an older man is they are usually more independent and can take care of themselves.

What I mean by this is they usually have a good career job which pays a decent wage. This allows them a good lifestyle like owning their own place, having a car for transportation, and being able to afford nice things for themselves.

Besides the physical things though, they also offer a more stable relationship. Filipinas know a men up in his years is far less likely to go around looking to hook up with other girls, and wants to find someone they can settle down in life with instead.

Ultimately, this is what most filipinas look for. Someone they know that will always be there for them, and be able to support their emotional and physical needs in life.

They Show Responsibility



Some filipinas when looking to date might already have a child by another men, and the last thing they want is to date someone that acts like a 15 year old.

Now I’m not saying someone who is young is not responsible, but older man tend to think about the people around themselves more often than younger guys will. They have a tendency to help around the house by washing dishes, doing the laundry, and helping out in any way he sees fit.

Also like I said if he dates a filipina who already has a child — he can be more like a father figure by taking them to school, baseball practices, and overall just having a positive influence in their lives.

For a filipina, if all the man did was love her son as if it were his own and take responsibility for him — then no matter what else he does to upset her she will stick by him for that reason alone.

They Are Romantic and Loving


RomanticSays: Happy monthsary / early wedding monthsary… I love you so much!!!

Every girl in the world loves to know they are loved and wanted by someone, and this is even more true for filipinas. They are not shy and will take any chance they see to hold your hand, give you a quick kiss, or just whisper a sweet word in your ear.

With older men, they have been around much longer and tend to be able to express their emotions both physically and vocally better.

Sure older men are probably better at sex, and filipinas are very sexual natured — but what they want most of all is a man who can easily express how much they love and care for them no matter what.

They are very clingy and loving toward their partner, and just want to know you feel the same way about them.

Are Intelligent and Mature



Having someone who is smart and acts like a grown up goes a long way in a relationship. As I just previously mentioned, older men usually are able to carry on a more educated conversation with their partner, and also verbally communicate better how they are feeling.

Not only that but by being older, they know how to handle certain task like their finances. Filipinas can rest easy knowing that they won’t have to worry about losing their house or not having enough food on the table the next week to eat.

Also as most older men mature, Philippine women wont have to worry about him staying out late at night partying or drinking. Again as i previously said, they like to think about their family members first, and if either of  you like going out to clubs — he would call you first before going out with a fellow co worker.

Overall, filipinas love an intelligent older men — because no matter what they are doing or where they are she can rely on his knowledge for safety and protection for whatever comes their way.

They Know How To Be Respectful



One thing you will quickly realize about filipinas, is they will show a ton of respect for their partner, but they also expect to have the same respect in return.

Older men are not afraid to show old school respect like opening car doors, or holding an umbrella for them on a rainy day. They also not only show respect for their partner, but are far more likely to show respect to their family members, their goals in life, and have respect for themselves.

Filipinas are use to men whistling to them and calling them hot due to their prettiness.I believe however, since older men are more likely to show respect and get to know their women… understanding how they feel — it makes filipinas want them even more since they don’t just see them as a young pretty face.

In Conclusion


I can’t say for sure if a filipina with an older men truly “likes” that they are older (maybe they like his distinguished look or it makes them still feel young) but I can say they like all of the features they offer which I previously discussed.

Filipinas come from a third world country and also love being with family, so it is only natural that they want someone that can fulfill their needs and desires in life. I myself worked two full time jobs for half a year to get my current wife here and to help provide for her needs — and would do it all over again if I had too.

If you are interested in dating a filipina I strongly recommend you check out my review about Christian Filipina. Also if you any questions or concerns about older men dating a younger Filipino women — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to get back with you as soon as I can.

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